What are you going to be up to? I'm going to get my ears double pierced, like in HS. Because I can. Also, and truly, this is the best part - After fall after fall of reading all of my friends' facebook statuses about how they are going to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte and crying my eyes out that this drink was never available in Switzerland.....it is finally here! Go Switzerland! yes your women could finally vote in the 70's and yes you finally give us the pumpkin spice latte in 2012! Progress!

Your Weekend Links

+ Being defensive: how Psychotherapy sees you 
+ NPR: Dressing room photo slideshow shows 160lbs lost in one year. Inspiring! 
+ Ohio State band does Opa Gangnam style 
+ Richard Feynman on beauty/science/nature - an island for your weekend. 
+ Because who doesn't need a gold plated iphone
+ Anna from IHOD provides a great list of blog resources 
+ I think my boy needs this pillow. because future infants need pillows, obv*

*no, i'm not really getting an infant a pillow. 
but i did get bama a little pillow. but hear me out - every morning he sneaks in to bed and lays between us sharing one of our pillows like a human. so i thought it would be cute to see if he'd use his own if we put it between ours. he does. don't judge me. 

This Week//This Blog *what you might have missed 

. the best childrens blanket ever
. Oct. sponsor spots available
. my fave shoes at the mo 
. an interview with fellow blogger 
. which way would you wear this sweatshirt 
. a table...with swings.  
. an awesome galaxy print