the sky this morning
Hey! Guess what? It's friday. Like every week! But this Friday was awesome because it was my last day of work for maternity leave (4-6 months). My last day of the train commute!! And sadly, the last day of spoiling myself with smoothies from Suc. But, no sign of child which means some laid back days ahead with my favorite brown dog. But for now, I'm off for some pizza to celebrate.
(p.s. everyone keeps congratulating me on my maternity "holiday". pretty sure it's not going to be a "holiday", haha)

Things I liked this week:

+ Does this post not make you fall in love with the color oxblood?
+ Is your FB profile picture likeable
+ Would you do/wear this to avoid baggage fees when flying?
+ Quirky gifts/fun things to have around the house - great post!
+ A crazy lawsuit against Yelp! - Pretty sure I won't be using that website anymore (p.s. this opens as a PDF)
+ Finally tried this Quinoa fried rice recipe - pretty good.

This Blog/This Week: 

+ Thank you September sponsors
+ A refurbished vintage gorgeous
+ A creative reminder to be green