this pic cracks me up!
Holla and happy weekend. I have not much planned...attended a dear friends 30th tonight, babysitting the cutest baby ever tomorrow night - and the rest, I guess...I will be working on my endless to do list :( May your w/e be more exciting than mine, ok? Anything cool planned?

Some good links:
+ Rainbow Bridge in China
+ FYI: How to eat a Tic Tac like a boss 
+ A lot of amazing sandwich recipes  
+ Amazing trip to Lisboa photography 
+ pretty awesome moon prints   
+ One handmade sellers negative experience working with Uncovet 

This Blog/This Week:
- are you always on your cell phone when you're with your friends? discuss
- Neon pigeons
- cool simple shirt DIY, awesome couch, etc
- painted basket DIY
- a Luzern wedding