Hanging out: with friends or cell phones?

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I admit that when I'm at a bar or restaurant with my friends or Mark, my cell phone is never very far away if not sitting next to my drink. Sometimes its because someone might be joining us but mostly its for comfort or in case there is a lag in conversation (that moment when one person lights up their phone and then everyone else follows suit) or because I SO NEED to know if someone updated their FB status in the past 2 minutes. JK. I really don't check FB that much. We're all just lucky that my blackberry doesn't display Pinterest very well...(p.s....come on blackberry i love you but time to join 2012)
But I know that I feel guilty when I'm using it and should be focusing on and making the most of my time with my lovely friends and I know that I feel slightly offended when I notice my friends playing games or checking facebook when we're hanging out. I'm so not that boring!
After reading this article it has reminded me that I should make more of an effort at being present and connecting. I think FB can wait.
What are your thoughts?