Being Green: A Creative Reminder

I love this creative way to remind people of the benefits of walking.

Read more about it here.

Do you walk/ride your bike when you can? Do you live in a city that encourages it?

For us, A car is definitely a luxury when living in Luzern and it's one that we are fine living without right now. Public transportation here is unparalleled and so easy. I ride my bike to the train station (5 min) to catch a train to the city where I work - then my office is only a 6 min. walk from there. It's so relaxing to sit back on a clean (punctual) train watching the swiss scenery pass by.
On the other hand, I do miss my car sometimes  - there is definitely a certain element of freedom (and control) when you can drive yourself around. It's always fun to go back to the US and get to drive. But on an even other hand (mutation)...It's also almost a culture shock how much time I spend in a car there... parking, getting in and out, etc just to run a few errands.