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Saturday, September 29, 2012

What are you going to be up to? I'm going to get my ears double pierced, like in HS. Because I can. Also, and truly, this is the best part - After fall after fall of reading all of my friends' facebook statuses about how they are going to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte and crying my eyes out that this drink was never available in is finally here! Go Switzerland! yes your women could finally vote in the 70's and yes you finally give us the pumpkin spice latte in 2012! Progress!

Your Weekend Links

+ Being defensive: how Psychotherapy sees you 
+ NPR: Dressing room photo slideshow shows 160lbs lost in one year. Inspiring! 
+ Ohio State band does Opa Gangnam style 
+ Richard Feynman on beauty/science/nature - an island for your weekend. 
+ Because who doesn't need a gold plated iphone
+ Anna from IHOD provides a great list of blog resources 
+ I think my boy needs this pillow. because future infants need pillows, obv*

*no, i'm not really getting an infant a pillow. 
but i did get bama a little pillow. but hear me out - every morning he sneaks in to bed and lays between us sharing one of our pillows like a human. so i thought it would be cute to see if he'd use his own if we put it between ours. he does. don't judge me. 

This Week//This Blog *what you might have missed 

. the best childrens blanket ever
. Oct. sponsor spots available
. my fave shoes at the mo 
. an interview with fellow blogger 
. which way would you wear this sweatshirt 
. a table...with swings.  
. an awesome galaxy print
Friday, September 28, 2012


via n'est ce pas? blog

How awesome is this print from print shop, n'est ce pas? I recently ordered some vintage prints of the galaxy for a certain babies room, but I'm thinking I might like this one in mine?
Thursday, September 27, 2012

Swing Table

I guess its for meeting rooms or whatever but I think it would be awesome in my house!

Wishing I was Wearing


I'd pretty much wear any of it and any combination of it, I don't even care. As long as the sweatshirt is involved. 

First Group
+ Sweatshirt
+ Turban Headband
+ Pants
+ Flats
+ Boots

Second Group
+ sweatshirt
+ pants

+ Bea Wedge Sneakers
Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Side Street Style

I'm pretty excited to introduce Side Street Style to you. Not only is Laura one of my sponsors this month, but, I have been reading her blog for as long as I can remember - when you read a blog for that long there's obviously a reason for it! So, please enjoy the interview I did with her and definitely check her out!

Some of Laura's favorite blog posts include:
+ Tipi Native Fashion Love
+ Spring in to a New Look
+ Beach Baby!
+ A Little Spring Adventure
+ Favorite Photoshoots of 2011

Thanks for answering all of my questions, Laura!!!

Want more?
Find the lovely family on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Chictopia

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I know that you've probably seen this collection all over blog land and it's like what you see when you close your eyes at night or something, but for real, these shoes! Are awesome, beautiful, and way out of my price range which is super lame.
(emerson fry)
Monday, September 24, 2012
I've been thinking a lot about sponsorship lately and how it could be done differently. I love working with sponsors and the collaboration benefits both small business and bloggers together. Sometimes, what a sponsor is getting can be vague, so I've reworked the way I offer spots and it's new (for me) I think it better coordinates the effort/work that I put in to a post directly to what a Sponsor purchases which leads to clear expectations, less pressure and a more streamlined approach.

If you are interested, please see my newly edited Sponsor page, pricing and packages...and don't hesitate to email me with any questions.

Little Red Stuga

I seriously don't often geek out about kid things, but I can appreciate good ideas and good design. I'm not sure I've ever stalked "stockists" or got impatient and clicked purchase so fast as I have with these Little Red Stuga blankets. Thoughts of turning my brown dog in to a bear combined with my psychology/therapy background and appreciation for all the imaginative play this blanket could provide for impending baby made my brain cells explode. basically. plus, i like blankets =) and color options - and each version has color options!
Saturday, September 22, 2012

Your Weekend Links

I have to steer clear of those people who are constantly "so busy, omg"...they stress me out. Sometimes I'm that person and I stress me out! Here's a great article in the NY Times about being busy - seriously worth a read. Unless you are too busy of course. 
Have a great w/e!

+ Could not be more in love with this outfit
+ Pinterest drinking game.
+ Such a gorgeous brownstone
+ A wooden keyboard...nice.
+ DIY: a stamped clutch
+ she handmakes her own beads
+ 12 Ways to Re-use wine bottles 
+ I tried this healthy pinterest dinner and it was a success 
+ Can't help but laugh at this Samsung ad making fun of iPhone 5 
+ Great September desktop calendar 

P.S. Are we liking eachother on Facebook?

(things you might have missed?) 

+ Montreals Musical Light Swings
+ Only my favorite couple ever
+ decor inspiration
+ fall shirts
+ my unique dining excursion in Zurich

P.P.S The winner of the Lolabella's bracelet giveaway according is #18...Brandi S.! Email me! 
Friday, September 21, 2012

Unique Eating in Zurich

I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to share my pictures from one of my favorite restaurants to date - Frau Gerold's Garten in Zurich. Set in the trendy Kreis 5 district (with popular stores like Freitag as its neighbor) Frau Gerold's Garten is such a unique dining/hanging out experience! My friend Jen and I scoped it out one evening this summer - and for being fairly new, it was packed with a younger crowd drinking beers, maybe gin drinks from the gin bar, enjoying the evening sun in the restaurants many was the ultimate laid back after work dinner/drink spot. I was in love and I can't wait to go back.

The draw of the restaurant is that it's built almost like a shanty town with recycled wood, tin and shipping containers (shipping containers are so cool these days, right?!). Also - the star feature of the place is that all possible fresh ingredients (herbs, salads, fruit) that can go in to their daily changing menus are grown right there at the restaurant. J'amazing. And the food did NOT disappoint. I had an amazing salad with chicken/sausage kabob and Jen had this crazy salad mix that involved goat cheese...ok so highlighting food is not my talent, but it was GOOD. The artwork surrounding the garden is by a local artist and on Saturdays the space hosts a flea market. Can I just move in? Set up a tent?

So if you are ever looking for a cool restaurant in Zurich during the spring/summer/fall time...this should be your first stop.

{First spotted by my blogger and in-real-life-when-we-can friend, Dimitri at Newly Swissed - who also shares his review and photos}
Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall + Shirts

Okaaaaay I have way too much time on my hands as I've managed to order way too much online. But when free shipping to switzerland is involved and when you find discount codes online, it makes the decision kind of easy. Or at least it makes the justification easy. It does NOT, however, make entering in to my husbands detailed and often perused budget sheets easy. Especially when the purchasing party (me) is way over budget. (and is perpetually over budget, so at this point he actually doesn't even mention it anymore until he reads this then he will have an 'in' but maybe he doesn't actually read my posts...guess we will find out).
I think I'm set for fall though. Above are 3 shirts I've ordered. And maybe I ordered the flannel and striped shirt from this post. Each shirt makes me imagine messy bun, dark lipstick and looking totally put together and gorgeous (ha, ha) even as a new mother. Lets hope I'm not super naive and lets hope these shirts work their magic on my psyche!

P.S. These three shirts were ordered from 

Ok, last day/night to enter the Lolabellas-your-choice-bracelet giveaway and then I'm going to choose a winner tomorrow and then i can stop harassing you to enter!

So Posh

2 Beautiful decor ideas. So far I've had a relaxing week at home with not too much to do...besides relax and visit friends and surf the internet and pin all these lovely things that make me feel EMPTY INSIDE BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE THESE COOL THINGS! J/K!! I'm kidding. If anything pinning things keeps me kind of happy because they are still mine, I mean they are on MY pinterest board. So I totally have that terrarium on my pinterest board.

Have a great Thursday, homies!

P.S. Still time to enter the bracelet from Lolabellas giveaway. Winner is announced tomorrow!
Wednesday, September 19, 2012

bonnie and clyde

I don't know what it is, but I love these two (this goes way back). And this incredible picture..

 P.S. You have until Friday to enter to win your choice of bracelet from Lolabellas: Enter here
Monday, September 17, 2012

A Giveaway by Lolabellas

Huge Thank You to Lolabellas for offering a reader of Village one of their incredible bracelets!

2 Simple ways to enter:
1. Please visit Lolabellas at Etsy and let us know which bracelet is your favorite.
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*Please let me know in the comments if you did one or both!
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Friday, September 14, 2012


the sky this morning
Hey! Guess what? It's friday. Like every week! But this Friday was awesome because it was my last day of work for maternity leave (4-6 months). My last day of the train commute!! And sadly, the last day of spoiling myself with smoothies from Suc. But, no sign of child which means some laid back days ahead with my favorite brown dog. But for now, I'm off for some pizza to celebrate.
(p.s. everyone keeps congratulating me on my maternity "holiday". pretty sure it's not going to be a "holiday", haha)

Things I liked this week:

+ Does this post not make you fall in love with the color oxblood?
+ Is your FB profile picture likeable
+ Would you do/wear this to avoid baggage fees when flying?
+ Quirky gifts/fun things to have around the house - great post!
+ A crazy lawsuit against Yelp! - Pretty sure I won't be using that website anymore (p.s. this opens as a PDF)
+ Finally tried this Quinoa fried rice recipe - pretty good.

This Blog/This Week: 

+ Thank you September sponsors
+ A refurbished vintage gorgeous
+ A creative reminder to be green

Thursday, September 13, 2012

September is brought to you by...

n'est-ce pas? print shop. who doesn't need incredible moon prints?
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Lolabellas - colorful wrist candy at super great prices
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a lovely little shop - it's fun. it's just fun. chelsea is fun. 

And Side Street Style - a blog about a little bit of everything. (Image taken from current post featuring ethical clothing)

+ Village is also an affiliate with Shabby Apple.

Thank you September sponsors, for partnering with Village through a sponsorship or one of your generous giveaways. Working with you makes blogging that much more fun!
Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vintage Camera: Drool.

If i win the lottery this refurbished vintage Canon camera will be my first purchase. Or any of them really, they are beautiful.  My second will just be everything in my pinterest I guess..
(Via this blog and here is the store)
Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Being Green: A Creative Reminder

I love this creative way to remind people of the benefits of walking.

Read more about it here.

Do you walk/ride your bike when you can? Do you live in a city that encourages it?

For us, A car is definitely a luxury when living in Luzern and it's one that we are fine living without right now. Public transportation here is unparalleled and so easy. I ride my bike to the train station (5 min) to catch a train to the city where I work - then my office is only a 6 min. walk from there. It's so relaxing to sit back on a clean (punctual) train watching the swiss scenery pass by.
On the other hand, I do miss my car sometimes  - there is definitely a certain element of freedom (and control) when you can drive yourself around. It's always fun to go back to the US and get to drive. But on an even other hand (mutation)...It's also almost a culture shock how much time I spend in a car there... parking, getting in and out, etc just to run a few errands.
Saturday, September 8, 2012


this pic cracks me up!
Holla and happy weekend. I have not much planned...attended a dear friends 30th tonight, babysitting the cutest baby ever tomorrow night - and the rest, I guess...I will be working on my endless to do list :( May your w/e be more exciting than mine, ok? Anything cool planned?

Some good links:
+ Rainbow Bridge in China
+ FYI: How to eat a Tic Tac like a boss 
+ A lot of amazing sandwich recipes  
+ Amazing trip to Lisboa photography 
+ pretty awesome moon prints   
+ One handmade sellers negative experience working with Uncovet 

This Blog/This Week:
- are you always on your cell phone when you're with your friends? discuss
- Neon pigeons
- cool simple shirt DIY, awesome couch, etc
- painted basket DIY
- a Luzern wedding

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hanging out: with friends or cell phones?

image via
I admit that when I'm at a bar or restaurant with my friends or Mark, my cell phone is never very far away if not sitting next to my drink. Sometimes its because someone might be joining us but mostly its for comfort or in case there is a lag in conversation (that moment when one person lights up their phone and then everyone else follows suit) or because I SO NEED to know if someone updated their FB status in the past 2 minutes. JK. I really don't check FB that much. We're all just lucky that my blackberry doesn't display Pinterest very well...(p.s....come on blackberry i love you but time to join 2012)
But I know that I feel guilty when I'm using it and should be focusing on and making the most of my time with my lovely friends and I know that I feel slightly offended when I notice my friends playing games or checking facebook when we're hanging out. I'm so not that boring!
After reading this article it has reminded me that I should make more of an effort at being present and connecting. I think FB can wait.
What are your thoughts?
Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Neon Pigeons

Not sure I quite understand the point of this random project ("safely" spray painting pigeons different colors to get people to see them differently?) BUT it makes for some neat looking pictures.
{More info and pictures here}
*and to the crazies: no i'm not advocating animal cruelty for cool pics ;)
Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Some Things

1\ A great t-shirt or sweatshirt DIY
2\ This couch...
3\ I like this ad campaign to encourage biking in NYC - see great pictures here 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Painted Baskets DIY

I'm in love with this painted baskets tutorial from the marion house book. I will definitely be trying this I think!
{you can visit the blog to see the how-to and more pictures}

Luzern Wedding

My friend just emailed me the blog link of the photographer for her wedding who posted some pictures of their big day that we were at a couple weekends ago - they turned out pretty incredible so I had to share some here. That was a super long sentence and I'm not sure its structured right. but here you go anyway! See more of wedding and the photographers pictures here.
Sunday, September 2, 2012

Email with any questions =)

P.S. September? For real?

Happy sunday friends.



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