Weekend. Links.

oh luzern...i love how you look.

Happy weekend kids. It's going to be SO HOT here that I plan to spend most of the time in the lake. For real. And a wedding tomorrow. and the gym and my gyms rooftop pool, and who knows what else. but I have a 4 day weekend and I'm going to ENJOY THE HECK OUT OF IT. What are you doing?
In other news, tonight I tried this drink that someone said I just "had to" try...crazy germans...it's fanta mixed with coke. disgusting.
And some links: 
20 incredible co-working spaces. I wonder if any of them have a liquor room like Google in Zurich does?!

+ "Go the extra mile...Come to work" - funny signs :)

+ Have you tried this recipe before? The comments are hilarious...click it. 

+ The funniest onesie yet (if you know the song). thanks rlc ;)

+ Really loving this beach cover up idea.

+ Can't handle how perfect this fall outfit looks..