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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Weekend. Links.

My hood!

have a good w/e. I realized that this w/e is like the last w/e that we have with no plans and then all my weekends are like weddings, parties, showers, helping friends move and then BAM, baby. or baby somewhere in there. I'm freaking out a little...isn't there something epic I should be doing? But as one of my best friends put it yesterday, "you should be doing exactly what you're doing" - and I loved that.
Yesterday, that friend and I visited Frau Gerolds Garten in Zurich for dinner (think shipping container restaurant, all salads grown on premises, cool!) and did some shopping. Today I think we are going to spend some time in Buochs (where we used to live before Luzern) at the lake. And then I'm going to buy a freakin dustbuster!!! and i'm excited about it!

And to the links. Here are some cool things. 

+ a fun roundup of yellow things
+ amazed at all of these random soaps...
+ i ordered this maternity dress from Asos for the baby shower. it's fantastic. 
+ a bill murray onesie...creepy or awesome?
+ Respecting: this case against chictopia, lookbook, etc. i never did understand those..
+ On trying out veganism. Compelling!

Feel like more links? See the last couple weeks HERE and HERE
Ola said...

so your life will definitely change:)))

Blog about life and travelling
Blog about cooking

Bad Taste Toast said...

Aw I love the dress for your baby party, it#s so pretty with the eye-catching navy lace cleavage!
Also the Bill Murray onesie is so fun! Okay, let's say 1% creepy though, but 99% fun ;D

marissa at the boot said...

yup, i love the bill murray onesie. and that amazing article about lookbook sites!

Mat said...

big fan of yellow things, not so much clothing but everything else i'm down with. i have a bright yellow lamy pen, my fav. bill murray oh that's genius! you do the best round ups dude

ellie said...

Such great links. Hope you have a fun weekend.

Anonymous said...

You have a really nice blog!
Follow each other?

Hollie said...

I don't know how many times I've silently thanked the inventor of the dustbuster, or my mother in law for buying me one.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Checking out these links now! :)

Ann said...

Enjoy the weekend!
Thanks for generously giving lovely links... heading there.

Manda said...

Ummmm. So somehow. I must have missed that you are pregnant. Ha! CONGRATULATIONS!!! :)

Honestly, it's super refreshing that you're just going with the flow and doing your "thang". (ode to "hood", lol!)

Thanks for sharing the links!
Eat Cake

Dancing Branflake said...

You will look amazing in that dress!!!
Your baby is almost here? Crazy! I know this sounds creepy, but one of the first things I thought of this morning was, "Hmmm... I wonder when Krystal's having her baby... "

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

That maternity dress is awesome! Can't wait to see you in it.

Jennifer said...

The Bill Murray onesie made me laugh! Congratulations on your coming bundle of joy! Mine is going to be 20 soon! Love the photo of your "hood":)

rooth said...

Krystal - shipping container restaurant?! I really hope that you took pictures because I'd love to see that. Thanks for linking to my yellow post too. Have a wonderful weekend

Ashley said...

You are going to be a stylin' mom. And I have this feeling that you are also going to be a great mom ;)

Gracie said...

That photo is amazing. I love that maternity dress. It looks like a normal dress :) And your life will change in a good way. x

Mimi said...

"you should be doing exactly what you're doing" -- i've never thought of things that way before. that's so insightful! :)

p.s. i am definitely gonna check out the yellow things link. ;)

<3, Mimi
Win 3 kinds of truffles from The Madelaine Chocolate Company! :)

The girl in Oslo said...

Lovely photo Krystal :)

Ikra said...

Oh I hope you are having nice feelings :) xx

Sneak peek into my life

Nnenna said...

Wait, did I miss a pregnancy announcement? You're having a baby? Huge congratulations Krystal! :)

Lauren said...

Wow, this is an amazing photo.



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