Weekend. Links.

My hood!

have a good w/e. I realized that this w/e is like the last w/e that we have with no plans and then all my weekends are like weddings, parties, showers, helping friends move and then BAM, baby. or baby somewhere in there. I'm freaking out a little...isn't there something epic I should be doing? But as one of my best friends put it yesterday, "you should be doing exactly what you're doing" - and I loved that.
Yesterday, that friend and I visited Frau Gerolds Garten in Zurich for dinner (think shipping container restaurant, all salads grown on premises, etc...so cool!) and did some shopping. Today I think we are going to spend some time in Buochs (where we used to live before Luzern) at the lake. And then I'm going to buy a freakin dustbuster!!! and i'm excited about it!

And to the links. Here are some cool things. 

+ a fun roundup of yellow things
+ amazed at all of these random soaps...
+ i ordered this maternity dress from Asos for the baby shower. it's fantastic. 
+ a bill murray onesie...creepy or awesome?
+ Respecting: this case against chictopia, lookbook, etc. i never did understand those..
+ On trying out veganism. Compelling!

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