On making your bed...

I This is a super random post, but I ran across this article, "Make Your Bed! For Productivity, Profit and Peace"and I was all...I agree! I must be an ambassador for this! When I was in HS my great grandparents bought me a new bedroom set and the one stipulation (from my great grandpa) was that I make my bed every single day. And I totally have (he didn't say whether or not my future husband could do it to so I'm going with yes). Isn't it a curious thing to ask a great granddaughter? Anyway, he was one of the most precious people in my life and I at least haven't let him down with that one task (except for maybe some sick days) and sometimes i even make my friends beds because thats how i roll. Its definitely a small but far reaching and motivating action. I think he was on to something?!
Do you? 

p.s. and there is bama. all up in my business as usual.

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