happy friday blogsters

In love with this look. {via}
/ Hilarious article: American Baby Names Are Somehow Getting Even Worse
/ Loving these rich, colorful looking rooms.
/ A terrific dresser before and after.  
/ The best public swimming pools in the world (I've been to Gellert Baths!) 
/ Rich kids of instagram Tumblr - weirdly entertaining! 
/ A hairless rat taking a bath, oddly cute.
/ Cool desktop backgrounds    

Well, I'm totally slacking and these were my links from last week that I never posted... and I was so blog lazy this week I didn't really discover anything cool...but these still are cool!  

Plans for the w/e? I have NONE. It's glorious. The majority of my friends have skipped town for one reason or another - which leaves me obligationless. I'm sad they are gone, but it's also a little bit free-ing - like...i don't need to feel like i should round everyone up for something fun, or i don't have to feel like I'm missing out if I just want to stay home. So I'm going to stay home! and read my book! and clean! and iron my laundry! and make dinners! and chocolate chip cookies! and catch up on blogs! and hang out with my boys! and sleep! and it's going to be the best w/e ever, especially because these kinds of weekends are beginning to feel very numbered. But anyway, I hope yours is great.