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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fall fun..

Here are some fun pieces for fall that I might not be able to resist. I'm so looking forward to being able to shop normal clothes - maybe it's my mood but I seem to be drawn toward some random pieces I think!  These are all from TopShop. I love finding new stores but always seem to go back to browsing them for their variety of style and flavors in one website (not to mention free shipping over a certain amount).

Lingerie Set
Elmo Shirt
Pug Panties
Striped Shirt
Horse Print Sweater
Plaid Shirt
Dancing Branflake said...

I've been shopping lingerie like it's going out of style. I can't keep my hands out of the lacy bins! Love that hot hot hot number (no not the one with the dog... heh).

rooth said...

Haha, yes to the pug panties! I'd smile gleefully every time I wore these

Melissa Blake said...

I love the Elmo shirt! Too cute!

Hollie said...

I need a personal shopper with your style. I seriously suck at putting outfits together. I went shopping today and I put everything back that I tried on because I was afraid that I might be mistaken for a teacher with half of it, or an effing idiot with the other half. :|

Mat said...

i don't like buying stuff that doesn't have at least free postage or returns nowadays, cheap? Nar.

rock elmo, nice! thanks for the feedback on the new look, still got a few bits to sort out. yeah the urbanears are pretty hot, check back soon and maybe you'll be able to get a pair..... ;)

Ashley said...

The Elmo Rock Out Tee is totally you :)

Kristina said...

while you are getting ready for fall, i am getting ready for spring!! yeay!! i also still find it funny with the different seasons, christmas in high summer is definitely a new experience :)

Mimi said...

the elmo shirt is so cute! :D

<3, Mimi
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Christianna said...

Love all of these! That horse sweater is brilliant!

Christina Hutchison said...

"Add some fun..." dying. I want some now.

E said...

I recently downsized to a much smaller closet, but I'm still excited to pick up a new piece or two for the fall to fill my seasonal craving. :)

Josie said...

LOVING the plaid shirt!
xo Josie

Paula J said...

Horses are ALWAYS cool. This is the truth.

his little lady said...

loving that lingerie set. so beautiful and simple!
xo TJ

little t said...

I love the undies- so sexy, in an understated way!



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