a little update

I miss Malta SO MUCH. Seriously.

Anyway, you guys, I have TIME lately. I have no big plans for the next couple of weeks (unless the baby decides to hit us up early). I'm working 60%, I have the apt to myself next w/e, the weather is lovely. All of his baby stuff is still in boxes, but you know what - I'm not stressed...because I'm focusing on relaxing (and we need to sell our desks)! I figure all of the craziness can start when it's born - but this last month?...it's my last days to be me. and to be us. and to spoil bama*. which is scary. and i'm not going to spend it running around stressing about having a crib ready.  (M says I shouldn't call it 'it' anymore?). My baby shower is later today (for me. weird). So, that's kind of how things are around here. I've felt amazing up until about last week and now I just feel like I would think a typical 8 mo. pregnant person should feel like I guess. Oh, and I've been mainly daydreaming about a big glass of cold beer. Sorry about it. No I'm not.

Anyway, I have nothing special to share...but I think I'm going to dedicate some serious time to catching up with YOU because I've been a bad blogger. Let me know if there's anything good I missed!

*ha, whatever, he'll always be spoiled!