Malta...why not?

I have one more workday which is followed by Thurs-Friday off (public holiday) and then Sunday we leave for Malta for a week! Because why not Malta?! I'm so ready for a beach/pool holiday it's not even funny. We're renting a farmhouse on the smaller island of Malta and we'll have a private pool with a gorgeous view of the country side and Victoria. I'm down. Who even needs a bathing suit ammiright???

Also, while I'm discussing Malta, and this trip - I might as well throw in there that it's what they call a "babymoon"- which definitely means what you think it means...CRAZY, RIGHT? It was a surprise for me too!!! It still hasn't really sunk in (and it's been almost 6 months or something) which is why I haven't really discussed it, because I'm all WHAT AM I SAYING? 

So there it is, I am growing a small human (boy) who will be us hopefully sooner rather than later (because pregnancy is for the birds) sometime in September. So this is our last flight before I'm shackled to the earth for a few months. malta or bust!