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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Luzern, you are gorgeous

Luzern, Switzerland

I  am so place oriented lately...whether I'm thinking of the Midwest, enjoying Malta, being charmed by my home Luzern or dreaming of London.Where do I want to be for forever???? (besides poolside?? amen?) And why do I not take more pictures of Luzern? 

P.S. I did like this article on 'deciding who we are' that Molly posted on FB

P.P.S. Have a great weekend you guys, we're going to enjoy our last day in Malta. My heart hurts, vacation ending is lame!

illustration poetry said...



Dancing Branflake said...

Oh man. Can I come visit you some day? I saw this on Pinterest also and thought of you immediately. Enjoy your last day in Malta!

The girl in Oslo said...

Hi girl :)

What happened to your design?
Have a great last day in Malta sweety...


Mandy Koster said...

Luzern is really beautiful, I have never been to Switzerland, but, because of photos like this, I am more and more convinced I should really go there!

'Decide who you are', I would say yes to that :) great article.

Happy weekend!

♥ Mandy (MENNEPEN)

talent trawl said...

linda here
how pretty is
your hometown
coming home
from holidays
be brave mrs
& enjoy


i have a new blog:
{trawling the net for
outstanding craetivity}

Bella Bheag said...

Great pic of Luzern Krystal - a city dear to my heart. I have so many photographs of Luzern I must blog about but busy busy preparing for the biggest show of my crafting life so far - so blogging is way down my priority list.

I will return though and promise to post some Luzern pics soon.

Enjoy this life changing time of your life!

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

Hope you enjoy your last day...the end of vacation is always bittersweet but then there will be more adventures soon. Love your photo of Luzern!

xo Mary Jo

ellie said...

Such a fairytale picture!

We've had a bad storm here. Lots of trees down. Power outages. Summer in the midlands, I guess.

Reyna @fashionmist♥ said...

So beautiful! xx

Monique said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monique said...

enjoy your last day lady! gorgeous shot of luzerne...amazing architecture. i just read the article and it was well written and spoke to me as well. we must craft the lives we want for ourselves. happy weekend!

Linz29 said...

Sometimes though beautiful becomes normal and normal becomes routine and routine becomes :(
The bridge was exciting when arrived, annoying when I tried to push past tourists with groceries, my walk home and now where I tend to stomp in a bad mood.
- pessimism this eve

Ola said...

beatiful there!
Blog about life and travelling
Blog about cooking

Claire Kiefer said...

Oh, I'm jealous of your travels! Granted, i live in Northern California and it's summertime so I really shouldn't be complaining, given that I spent yesterday by the pool. I'm sorry you have to leave vacation--here's hoping for a delightful rest-of-the-summer!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Oh me likes the new layout! Haven't had time to drop by lately!

Daisy Dayz
My Hub Pages

Wendy said...

It looks beautiful! I agree, amen to being pool side. :) Looking forward to reading the article. Btw, the blog is looking good! (Too funny, I spent today tweaking mine too.) :)

Christianna said...

What a lovely picture! I'm getting so freaking excited!!!

Mat said...

yeah i think we need to see more photos of your home town

Ashley said...

Great post lady...Luzren is beee-ooo-ti-ful!

Cara said...

Luzerne is gorgeous, I absolutely loved it when I was there even though it rained the whole time! Enjoy your last few moments in Malta!

Steve Bale said...

WOW what a pic! I LOVE it!!!

Thanks for this great photo!


Gracie said...

That picture is amazing! It looks like a fairytale.

Kristina said...

You should definitely take more pictures of Luzern! My favorite city in Switzerland! Hope you had a safe trip back home, and yes, holidays should be never allowed to end!! :)

Cara said...

gorgeous indeed!

thais said...

what an amazing post on 'deciding who we are' - thank you so!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Love my home too.

Annie said...

It looks so enchanting! I'm dying to visit!

Nikki said...

I wasn't sure I was on the right blog until I saw a photo of Luzern. I recognize that spot, we rode bikes by there! Can't wait to see your Malta pictures.



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