Random Post of the year

So fun when friendos send me things that make them think of me (it's what happens when you're a crazy obsessive person over a SHAPE i guess) but I thought these were cool and should be shared. Thanks Tiffany!

And maybe another love I have lately is all things metallic/goldish and I nearly lost my mind over these shoes and they were SUPPOSED to be on amazon but they are NOT the same ones and I'm tired of unrequited love.

This is on the verge of making me annoyed with Fashion crazes/fads...it's a half untucked shirt...I don't know...cute fad or just another way to wear a shirt?

And now for the weirdest thing I've read in awhile...there is this article called Working Out and Addiction - The Scary Connection on Refinery 29 which basically states that those of us who work out are more susceptible to addiction because when a study was done with coke addicts, one way to break their habit was introducing them to exercise. But it was hopeless if they already did it. WHAT?! So we should stop exercising RIGHT NOW in case someday we decide to become addicted to coke. I thought this should be a special alert.
Ok, have good days!