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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Linking you up

I pinned these photos awhile ago, I looove her photograpahy. (are we friends on Pinterest?)

And happy easter weekend to you! We get a 4 day weekend here in Switz and instead of traveling somewhere we are using it as an opportunity to enjoy our couch, cook some good food, do some exercising, hang out with the brown dog,'s been rainy too which adds to the awesomeness of staying in the apartment!! We did go to ikea..does anyone else come back with the same things everytime? I always come back with candles, plants and picture frames..always.
Anyway, Happy Easter to all of you!!
Enjoy these links, I did!

- Gmail Tap...haha, "an improvement over speech". did you see this April Fools joke?
- Another creative Ok Go music video
- Article: Think we can focus on the positive more?
- Name that rap song - fun :)
- I NEED this couch.
- I love this mini pancake brunch idea.
- Lastly, I'm in love with this tree branch decor idea

P.S. Upper Metal Class Giveaway alert, check out her blog!
Hollie said...

I ALWAYS buy the same things at IKEA. rugs and frames.

Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'm just waiting for an invitation for Pinterest; when I get it through I'll definitely look you up!

I used to love the four day weekend when I lived in England! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

polkadotpeticoat said...

Happy Easter...try not to eat to much chocolate!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Swedish meatballs and dime cake! Always! and candles! and usually some other piece of useless plastic organising item, lol!
Daisy Dayz
My Hub Pages

Christianna said...

Happy Easter and have a wonderful weekend!

Bella Bheag said...

Sofa surfing holidays are some of the best kind - and a visit to Ikea requires discipline (and patience over any holiday weekend)! My fav purchases are the little Moppe drawers - ideal for storing my cards once made. Hoppy Easter!!

Jamie said...

That sounds like a blissful way to spend the long weekend. Enjoy every moment.

Dimitri said...

Happy Easter to you, too! Can you believe it?!? It is actually snowing today...

Let's get together as soon as spring comes around!

Enjoy your days off,

ellie said...

Some very interesting links. Have a good holiday.

Fashion Tales.... said...

I have not been to Ikea in a while, but do grab frame items when I'm there. lol. Beautiful photography indeed. Happy Easter dear. -xo

wooden coat hangers said...

Happy Easter and have a wonderful weekend!

wooden coat hangers said...

Happy Easter and have a wonderful weekend!

thais said...

following you now on pinterest ;) love those mini pancakes !!



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