Linking you up

I pinned these photos awhile ago, I looove her photograpahy. (are we friends on Pinterest?)

And happy easter weekend to you! We get a 4 day weekend here in Switz and instead of traveling somewhere we are using it as an opportunity to enjoy our couch, cook some good food, do some exercising, hang out with the brown dog,'s been rainy too which adds to the awesomeness of staying in the apartment!! We did go to ikea..does anyone else come back with the same things everytime? I always come back with candles, plants and picture frames..always.
Anyway, Happy Easter to all of you!!
Enjoy these links, I did!

- Gmail Tap...haha, "an improvement over speech". did you see this April Fools joke?
- Another creative Ok Go music video
- Article: Think we can focus on the positive more?
- Name that rap song - fun :)
- I NEED this couch.
- I love this mini pancake brunch idea.
- Lastly, I'm in love with this tree branch decor idea

P.S. Upper Metal Class Giveaway alert, check out her blog!