I love these rare photos of the Titanic. I hope you guys all had a good w/e...I played bartender at my favorite pub on Friday night (you might see a lot of pics of me on that page! like it!) - it was BUSY. Then ran some errands around lovely Luzern Saturday morning...then got SICK as a dog. Another flu, wth! I'm home sick today but on the mend thankfully.

OHHH and I've booked tickets to visit the US! I'm so excited. I am needing to recharge with old friends and family, I can't wait to be surrounded by so much loooooove, be taken care of by my grandparents, sister trip to FL to visit my momma (and the beaches), spend some quality times with my soulmate friends in IA and MI that I miss so much. I. can't. wait.

Here are some links for your exciting work days ;)

+ I love these Brazilian mats
+ While this iPhone friendly watch sounds cool...I'm thinking it's too much
+ cubby coat hooks, ba.
+ Meme Alert: remember ridiculously photogenic guy? Here is Ridiculously Photogenic Puppy
+ And finally, a great article about social networks (esp. Pinterest) contributing to people/moms feeling like they aren't enough. It's a must read, even if you're not a mom, it makes you feel a little more grounded.