A Lovely, Little Shop Giveaway

Monday, February 28, 2011

 Hi! This week you have a chance to win your choice of a necklace, bracelet, earrings or ring from A Lovely, Little Shop! The items above are just a few of the amazing pieces that you can choose from Chelsea's etsy shop and there are many many more...so good luck with that! (I would panic as I'm the most indecisive person I know).

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Winner announced Friday morning!

Friday Fancies & the NTV Winner

Friday, February 25, 2011

This art work from About Today   

 These fun notebooks from Mociun

This little wooden arrow necklace from Super Duper Things

 This Snow Leopard Sweatshirt (it has the perfect level of animal print for me)

And happy happy memories from Mark's birthday party last weekend (black light bowling is perfectly sane for grown up birthday party!)

*This was a part of the Friday Fancies series - thanks for hosting, {Av}!

                   Oh, and P.S.

Congratulations, Kelle Dame, you're the winner of the Noble Town Vintage earring giveaway...lucky girl!!



Thursday, February 24, 2011

These photos completely stopped me in my tracks and I had to show you. I have this great love for mountains and especially snow-peaked quiet mountains in the middle of the night ever since moving to Switzerland. These were taken on a ski trip by blogger, Honora's, husband in British Columbia. If only my photos from our snowshoe excursion turned out as nice!

P.S.  Today is the last day for the Noble Town Vintage earring giveaway if you are interested! Enter --> Here

Outfit. Lust.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pretty sure I love every stinkin thing about this outfit spotted at LFW.

ALSO, I have huge bare white walls in my flat - so I did a guest post on ways to decorate large walls, if you're interested you can read it at Dirksen Dabbles 

Also also you can now buy Noble Town Vintage on Spotted Moth, that is pretty cool! (it's my necklace)

P.S. And don't forget to enter the Noble Town Vintage earring giveaway if you are interested! Enter --> Here

Recent Purchases

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I've been really careful lately to only purchase things that I truly adore - that are timeless and that inspire me. If they are going to decorate me or my living space, I want them to be a reflection of my taste and aesthetic.  I'm just exhausted with waste and flash-in-the-pan fashions, you know?  It's harder with clothes because I'm lured by 'deals' and impetuousness - but I am giving it a good effort.

These little golden earrings are the first things that I purchased in 2011 and are a souvenir from a day trip to Strasbourg, France with my friend. I got them at the market in a city square and have worn them almost every day since, seriously. I'd say I've gotten my 9 euros from them? Then, a few days ago, I found this old looking champagne bucket from a thrift store in Luzern and rescued it from a shelf with all these weird looking containers - only 7chf! 
Have you found anything amazing lately?

Previous Thrift Switzerland Posts


P.S. If you're interested in ideas about how to hang art on a large wall, you should check out the guest post that I did for Dirksen Dabbles! 

P.S. Please don't forget to enter the Noble Town Vintage earring giveaway if you are interested! Enter --> Here

Noble Town Vintage Giveaway

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Attention please!

Let's talk about how Sarah has offered up a pair of her favorite earrings in her Etsy shop, Noble Town Vintage to you, dear blog friends. We should probably note how ridiculously amazing they are and how they would look great...anytime anywhere. I, obviously, love NTV so am excited to be able to offer this so buenas suerte to you!!!!

(Sarah and I both thank you for all of the positive feedback on her interview post. And I thank Sarah for the giveaway. And I'm sure you thank someone for the giveaway...so it's like a triangle of thankfulness and we all know how I feel about those!!!)

To Enter

Please visit Noble Town Vintage and leave a comment below.

For an extra entry "Like" Noble Town on the Facebook ;) and/or Tweet about it. (Let me know if you did). {Here, lazy tweeters: check out the Noble Town Vintage earring giveaway at @okvillage 's blog: http://bit.ly/dUf0uB }

And to start your weekend off right, winner will be announced Friday morning of this week!!

P.S. See an interview with Sarah here
P.S.S. I'm even wearing NTV in my new profile picture. 
P.S.S.S. The party went swimmingly!! and Mark thanks you all for the birthday wishes :)

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hellooo Saturday, what's up? I'm on the hunt for a bottle of Chianti, I have to take my brown dog for a walk and THEN...and then we celebrate Marks birthday tonight with a whole bunch of people! I even organized it all myself and I hate organizing things because I'm afraid no one will come but EVERYONE is coming so now I feel better. I just have to find something to wear and I have NOTHING, nothing I tell you, not one scrap of clothing in my closet. 
Oh, and this is my favorite picture from a day trip to Strasbourg, France back in January!
And here are some links that I love that I've been witholding for like 2 weeks which is why there's a football reference but I think it's still applicable, yep.

Have a great day you guys!!!

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Sarah & Noble Town Vintage - an Interview

Friday, February 18, 2011

Noble Town Etsy * Nobletown on FB

I'm sure I wouldn't be off the mark when I say that most people who see Sarah's Etsy shop, Noble Town Vintage, are drawn to the simple, earthy and vintage-modern creations. This Salt Lake City girls shop became one of my favorites at first sight and still impresses me as she adds new things here and there. 

Anyway, Sarah is a cool girl and I'd love to share this interesting interview...

1. 5 Things that make you happy?
1. Cooking. I'm vegetarian, have a major sweet tooth and love cooking and trying new foods and restaurants. I probably like talking about food just as much as eating it.
2. Podcasts. I save up This American Life, The Moth and, Uhh Yeah Dude among others for the days when I'm packing Etsy shop orders.
3. Gallery Stroll. The third Friday of every month everyone in Salt Lake City comes downtown. There's tons of places to go to see new art and hear music with free drinks all over.
4. My Sister, Brooke is the greatest. She's my motivator and business coach. She'll tell me the things that I need but don't want to hear and reminds me to celebrate the little things that I can overlook. I'm going to really miss having her so close when she moves to Maui this year. She's really everything you'd want in a sister and friend.
5. Word Games. I'm competitive when it comes to any game, uno to poker- you name it but I love word games. I could play them for hours on end if my boyfriend could handle it.
2. Your favorite creation in your shop? 
Vintage Brass Chain Draped Earrings
I love the tone of the thicker chain, it's warm and lovely and the earrings are simple enough to wear everyday but still feel different.
3. What is your inspiration that makes Noble Town Vintage what it is?
My inspiration for NTV has grown from pieces that I've collected and worn for years. A simple, modern style with a bit of a 70's vibe without feeling like you're playing dress up. I love draped chains and fringe, turquoise, and rough stones. I'm a hairdresser by day and have a thing for balance and geometry which finds its way into my jewelry as well. My inspiration is definitely growing, I've been taking a course in silversmithing from a 74 year old woman named Colleen, she's been teaching for 50 years and has been such a great resource to learn from. There will be lots of new additions to my shop in the coming months that will have the same vibe but still feel really modern and fresh.
And finally, Sarah shares some things around Etsy that she's had her eye on!

1. Vintage Laboratory Beakers: These are perfect little beakers that would look good anywhere around your house, especially with one of those tiny airplants at the bottom.

2. Leather & Canvas Pouch: I love the spacey tie dye print and the touch of leather at the bottom. The girl behind this has amazing style, the scarves she prints would stop you in the street.

3. Charcoal Soap: i've tried lots of different black charcoal soaps lately and I've loved them all. Deep cleaning but non drying can't ask for much more.

4. Vintage Turquoise Geometric Ring: I love this simple little ring. If I had a finger it would fit it would be mine, it's a steal so someone should snatch it up before I make some weird justification to.

Thanks so much, Sarah, for answering the questions and for these amazing Etsy finds!

P.S. If you are interested in more of Sarah, check out this video of Sarah's visit to Chicago for the Renegade Craft Fair a few months ago...

Urban Outfitters Offices

Thursday, February 17, 2011



Dear Urban Outfitters or Anthro, 

Let's talk. I will seriously work for free for you for say, 6 months, if you will just hire me so that I can sit amidst this beauty all day. (but then you should probably hire me for real after that so that I can actually buy your clothes). Let me know what you think?


P.S. I'm serious.

And you can read the interesting article about how the building was chosen and reconstructed for the UO/Anthro/Free People empire in Philadelphia

PSS I should also mention UO's bridal gown line. Have you seen it?????

Moleskin Art

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So some artists actually drew/painted these...in a moleskin. Impressive! I think it would annoy me that it was trying to close all the time, know what I mean? You can see a lot more examples here

Well now, I'm off to run some errands around rainy Luzern (which is beautiful). We are apartment searching (we live outside of the city now) which is turning out to be more like an olympic sport. It's very competitive and you have to be ready! And aggressive! And prepared! (all while not speaking fluent german!)

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This & That

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


 If I had the ultimate out of my price range backpack bag

with the perfect sweater (and that item of the day up there) I would honestly not have a problem wearing them every single day. Maybe my friends would start to notice but who's really going to confront me about it? I mean, I'd be so happy...and if they were true friends...

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Super Duper Things

Monday, February 14, 2011

Annnnd this is seriously why I could never have an Etsy shop like this one. I wouldn't be able to part with anything. 

Louise's shop, Super Duper Things, is full of truly unique handmade jewelry and accessories - and a lot of them are one of a kind and made from recycled vintage components that she finds. I feel like her items exudes good taste and a good eye (and you should see her blog).

Crown Necklace

Interview Time!

1. 5 Things that Make you Happy?
Tea, playing Articulate with friends, chips (I mean proper fat potatoey fish'n'chips chips, not french fries!), buttons, when someone really loves something I've made for them.
2. What is your favorite item in your shop right now? 
I change my mind constantly, but I think it's the necklace featuring a working pocket watch as a locket. It's pretty, and it tells the time! Or, the Icicle brooches are a favourite series.
Pocket Watch Locket

3. What drives your love of vintage and your etsy shop?
There's nothing like that feeling of spying that perfect treasure in a charity shop or flea market! I bet you all know what I mean - and it's nice to be able to pass on the stuff I couldn't resist but don't have room for in my house! I also just LOVE turning something unloved and old into something new that someone will like again - you save it from landfill and make someone a new treasure at the same time. It makes me so happy!
Thanks for answering the questions and welcome as a Sponsor here!! (I'm with you on fish & chips!)

Contact Info for Louise and Super Duper Things: 

efreeme + Sunday Photo

Saturday, February 12, 2011

So! I've opened up a photo shop on efreeme.com! I'm not sure how many people buy other peoples photography...but I thought it couldn't hurt to put it there, right? Do you have an experience with selling photos? (Shoutout to Amy for the encouragment :))

So, I chose efreeme because I've been working with Diana, the owner of efreeme, as a sponsor of this blog and she is wonderful. She is totally accessible and I've so enjoyed working with her over the past few months. Plus, her blog always makes me laugh. Always. 

I also chose efreeme over other major online markets because listing items on efreeme is totally free - they take no listing fees or percentages of your sales which is, of course, awesome and the wisest choice for my wallet!

Efreeme is still young but it's growing steadily and now hosts 300+ vintage and handmade shops.  They are still in the promotion phase so if you list over 20 items you will be paid $5 (which I did). Also, if you refer someone and they use your link and list over 20 items you will receive $5 that way as well. (here's my referral link if you decide to go for it!!). I think I'm going to enjoy watching it grow and change to accommodate its sellers and buyers - it's really interesting to be experiencing it from the beginning!

If you're curious to read more about Diana and efreeme you can read the introductory post and interview with her from a few months ago >here

efreeme on FB * efreeme on Twitter

Friday Fancies

Friday, February 11, 2011

Why not join in on a little what I'm fancying on Friday, yah?

 Art by Eric Hurtgen

Imperfect gold nugget necklace by Upper Metal Class

the perfect weekend jacket.

a laptop skin.
get it, wood chucks :)

these shoes.

and this pretty song.

I hope you guys having an amazing weekend. I'll be heading to Luzern tonight to rendevous with some friends and then to Zurich for a Band of Horses concert on Saturday! Your plans?   

P.S. Friday Fancies brought to you by {AV} an Long Distance Loving

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm not usually one to jump all over trends (I still don't own any leopard print things) or get too excited about them (they'll just go away and leave me :() but this whole geometric/tribal business is another thing in entirely. But I like the simple and understated pieces best (not like this) - things I can build on and will still be wearable when the world has moved on. 

Putting that together reminded me that I wanted to show you this thoughtful Christmas gift that I received from Mark (now, if only he had a blog about things he loved, right?) which is now my favorite thing to put on everyday :) (Image via Neest)

P.S. Thanks for all the love you sent to Chelsea at a lovely, little shop. Don't forget to enter the giveaway for one of her necklaces (your choice) at her blog..it ends tomorrow!

4. tank

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a lovely, little shop

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

 And now, for some eye candy. 
 (and she's doing a giveaway here)

Isn't the photography of these necklaces gorgeous?? 

Meet a lovely, little shop as the newest sponsor to this blog. In the past days that I've been communicating back and forth with Chelsea I'm positive that I've met one of the sweetest and most down to earth of persons. And there's definitely something about her pretty necklaces that draws me to them.  I think she answers precisely why in the interview below as she discusses the drive behind her shop.  

**But FIRST you must know that she is doing a giveaway at her blog (a lovely, little blog) where you can win any necklace of your choice... but go now - only 2 more days!!

a lovely, little shop information:
And now some questions with Chelsea!

1. 5 things that make you h-a-p-p-y?

1. My family & friends. My parents, my twin sister, my two, older brothers, & our two cute cats (Duke & Gibby), make me very happy! My family & friends are so encouraging, creative, hilarious, and supportive; I don't know what I'd do without them.
2. I love shopping for bargains and thrifting for wonderful treasures!
3. I love watching films or going to the cinema with my boyfriend. We share a love for all types of film, so it is wonderful to have someone who has the same passion for film as I do. He is truly the best. 
4. I love, love, LOVE finding learning about new things in regards to making jewelry & finding the perfect component or piece to add to my bead collection, so that I may add it to my creations at my shop. Nothing is more exciting than finding that perfect piece that will simply make a necklace, bracelet, or ring while learning about its properties or history. Creating, in general, makes me very happy.  
5. It makes me happy to make my friends and family laugh at the silly things I say. I love to laugh and make others chuckle. 

2. Your pieces definitely have a certain feel to them, what is your inspiration?

 As a child, I was constantly collecting rocks and minerals and I wanted to be a geologist or study anthropology when I grew up. I was quite the rock hound as a small girl and my parents would take me on walks to search for arrowheads and pottery around our home. My parents are both creative individuals; my mother is an artist, while my father is an amazing craftsman, always building furniture, working with metal, and finding a use for everything. I grew up in a very rural location, my nearest neighbor was three or four miles away, so I spent a lot of time outdoors with my brothers and sister. We would be constantly climbing trees, digging through the ground and nearby streams in search of quartz and pyrite, and build tree forts. When I thought about what kind of jewelry I wanted to make, I thought back to those special moments during the crisp Autumn and balmy Summer months with my parents and siblings and decided to create pieces that would be nostalgic to me in regards to color, shape, and material, and perhaps they would connect with others as well. Natural elements, such as rocks, minerals, and wood are some of my favorite things to utilize in my collection, but I also love to mix vintage elements with modern pieces as well. I love the combination of wood and metal to create something modern or create an item that is light, airy, and delicate. 

3. What is your favorite piece in your shop?? 

Hmm....This is tough. I love everything I make and oddly enough, as someone that makes jewelry, I rarely wear anything I make. I know that's breaking a cardinal rule as a maker of things, but I enjoy creating rather than wearing what I make. Anyway, I'd have to say my favorite piece thus far is my Parallel Highway necklace. The tiny, aqua triangles were sourced from a seller on Etsy and I'm told that they are very old and very rare, so they are quite unique!
Thank you so much, Chelsea!

Valentines Day, for him

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Some things I've come across while Vday shopping for M.

a classic Stanley flask

(I just avoided looking at the price)

A pretty iPad Case

 A hot tie.


 a man bag. I think they are hot.
Or maybe this red hat? 

I think they are all so masculine and classic!
What are you getting your significant other for Valentine's Day?

Find some more ideas for him here and here
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