I'm happy to have finally gotten around to blowing up one of my photos, framing and having Mark hang it up. It's all broody and lovely and makes me happy to see it.
 Watching my friends come over and trying to resist popping a day in my bubble calendar. Funny story - my favorite designer ever had to come over to to change something in the lamp - I let him pop one of the bonus ones! It's a huge honor if it's bestowed on you. Also, it's teaching me a lot of lessons in self-restraint.

My beautiful friend and the most heart warming Christmas lunch that she prepared for a couple of us girls...(listen to how sappy I am!) We even got to decorate her Christmas tree which made me giddy since I don't have one! Another day I'll have to share the most thoughtful cool gifts she made for us. (Thanks Jen!)
 A trip to Strassbourg to visit the Christmas markets with two of my favorite partners in crime.

And this, friends, is what I'm loving lately.