I'm back! ;)

 Hi friends,
This past week was b-u-s-y, hence my absence from your blogs (and mine!). We had a friend (back from High School!) visiting and were busy showing her a good time! This past weekend we took a trip to Germany to watch The Ten Tenors perform (her roommate from NYC is one of them) - and it was pretty awesome, I have to say. At first I was all "rock opera? what?" but it was really fun and all the guys were really cool! If you get a chance to go it's pretty impressive (they are touring Germany now).

Anyway, the photo above is from our Thanksgiving last weekend. We did a traveling one - an Apero at my house and the dinner at my friends (a blocks walk)....I've been feeling so thankful to have a lot of quality people in my life and am already looking forward to next years food ;)

SO! This week it's back to normal - time to catch up on blogging, running and achieving some kind of balance...
AAAAND i just remembered I need to Christmas shop so probably not a lot of relaxing :(

How have you been?