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Monday, December 26, 2011

merry xmas

Merry Christmas!!! We are in Gran Canaria...and so is santa, yeah!!!  I hope you are having amazing holidays!
Friday, December 23, 2011

Hey Girl..

Have you seen these hilarious "Hey Girl" pics? They crack me up - pretty hot! Thanks to my friend Christine for sharing them on FB :) 

I'm sure you're busy, but here are some fun links for your entertainment.

+ Come on! We're going to get the Christmas Tree!
+ Come shop these pretty vintage scarves.
+ a great paper ornament diy idea
+ I tried this Mushroom Pasta Sauce the other day and it was incredible.
+ I loved this whole Friday Faves list
+ Did you check out the guide to gift guides yet?
+ NPR's top 100 songs of the New Year
+ Cute post on vintage by color
+ An amazing apartment
Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I'm happy to have finally gotten around to blowing up one of my photos, framing and having Mark hang it up. It's all broody and lovely and makes me happy to see it.
 Watching my friends come over and trying to resist popping a day in my bubble calendar. Funny story - my favorite designer ever had to come over to to change something in the lamp - I let him pop one of the bonus ones! It's a huge honor if it's bestowed on you. Also, it's teaching me a lot of lessons in self-restraint.

My beautiful friend and the most heart warming Christmas lunch that she prepared for a couple of us girls...(listen to how sappy I am!) We even got to decorate her Christmas tree which made me giddy since I don't have one! Another day I'll have to share the most thoughtful cool gifts she made for us. (Thanks Jen!)
 A trip to Strassbourg to visit the Christmas markets with two of my favorite partners in crime.

And this, friends, is what I'm loving lately.
Monday, December 19, 2011

Village Gift Guide: Him

1. Clean Everything Wallet (via mat)
2. Noise Cancelling Headphones - these are heavenly on a plane, train...anywhere really..
3. Book: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - one of both M and I's favorite books - motorcycle travels and philosophy all in one..
4. European Outdoor Adventures Film Festival DvD - this is full of inspiring films about people and their adventures in rock climbing, climbing mountains in -40C weather, white water rafting in the congo, etc...We attended the actual film festival a few weeks ago and it was definitely a rush.
5. Chambray Tie - they are all the rage
6. Whiskey glasses - for the guy who is maturing gracefully and ordering whiskies at the bar
7. Para-gliding Lessons - no big deal.

Good luck shopping for him - it's always the most difficult for me! I hope this jump starts your thought process though (but really guys, it's a week before christmas, hope you are done!)

Here is a list for the guys from my guide to gift guides...

For dad - Inattendu
For Him - Inattendu 
The Hunky Man - Down and Out Chic 
To Him/From Her - Balue 
Under $80 - Truffles n Ruffles 
Steven Alan for Him - Pennyweight 
For you guy who rocked the Movember trend to perfection - Express-o

And for real, enter the giveaway, I'd love for one of you to win a cute bracelet!

Enter HERE!
Friday, December 16, 2011

!! Giveaway !!

Need a Xmas or New Year gift? I'm so happy to be hosting a giveaway for Lenneke from her shop, lennebelle. Lenneke runs the blog "a little hamster" which I've been reading for awhile. Good luck to you - and perfect that it's so near to Christmas right?! 
What? A Wish Upon a Star Bracelet - in your choice of color.
Where? From lennebelle (blog: a little hamster)
When? You have all weekend to enter, winner announced Tuesday!
Do one or all! (up to 3 entries)
1. Leave a comment telling me how great I am (just kidding, a normal comment will do!)
2. Like lennebelle on Facebook (let me know you did)
3. Like a little hamster on Facebook (let me know)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Efrat Deutsch Jewelry

I'm excited to share Efrat Deutsch Jewelry because you get to see the process of her making jewelry in the above video! I've often wondered how all of these amazing etsy shop owners that we find are making their items - and this gives a great inside look in to the process...I love it so much.

Efrat has joined my group of incredible and talented sponsors and I'm so happy to have her as a part of Village.  Here's a little interview so that you get to know her as well.
Check out more of Efrat Deutsch at her blog, Facebook, Twitter and shop.

And you might want to check out free shipping!
Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Who doesn't love gift ideas?

Are you finished Christmas shopping yet? I have everything shipped off to my family in the states but I'm sure, true to nature, I will be scampering around at the last minute to complete my shopping for M and friends here. Here are some last minute ideas for that awesome girl in your life. 

Butter Nail Polish in Chancer
Whisper Ring (Cat Bird)
Chunky Scarf (Need Supply) 
A cool Planner (Poketo) 
Rectangle Earrings (UMC) 
Leather Button Wallet (Poketo) 

Need more ideas? Check out my guide for some pretty awesome gift idea lists that I've come across!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Katie Walker Designs

 Today I'm featuring a special girl, Katie from Katie Walker Designs (on Etsy).  I've been a longtime reader of katie's blog (Katie-did) and have always been impressed by her talent and knowledge about textiles. She hand prints the coolest scarves (and we all know how I feel about those). Also, I don't know if you say 'hand print' but you know what I mean. You can go back to this post to see it in the works or just check out her blog where she keeps us up to date on her creations!

Anyway, Katie you rock!

Visit Katie in these places:  Twitter, Etsy, Blog, Website

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I need this going on in my house! 

And how are you?! It's my friday today...I love the canton I work in and all of its public catholic holidays! hell yes. I have a busy 4 days ahead though, birthday parties, going away parties, fajita parties, france for a christmas market, christmas shopping, catching up on running, catching up on blogging and catching up on doing nothing (somewhere in there hopefully). And then before I know it it will be Monday :( lame!
Monday, December 5, 2011

A Classic Bag

Can I marry this? 
(via Brissa's Pinterest)
Sunday, December 4, 2011

I'm back! ;)

 Hi friends,
This past week was b-u-s-y, hence my absence from your blogs (and mine!). We had a friend (back from High School!) visiting and were busy showing her a good time! This past weekend we took a trip to Germany to watch The Ten Tenors perform (her roommate from NYC is one of them) - and it was pretty awesome, I have to say. At first I was all "rock opera? what?" but it was really fun and all the guys were really cool! If you get a chance to go it's pretty impressive (they are touring Germany now).

Anyway, the photo above is from our Thanksgiving last weekend. We did a traveling one - an Apero at my house and the dinner at my friends (a blocks walk)....I've been feeling so thankful to have a lot of quality people in my life and am already looking forward to next years food ;)

SO! This week it's back to normal - time to catch up on blogging, running and achieving some kind of balance...
AAAAND i just remembered I need to Christmas shop so probably not a lot of relaxing :(

How have you been? 



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