air bnb and the neatest flat.

For this trip we used AirBnB for the first time and I'm in love. It's a website where you can rent out a room or a whole apartment to other travelers...kind of like couch surfing but maybe classier or something? I don't know, just kidding - I've never done couch surfing so I have no clue. It sounds kind of surfer-ish so I can't help but think of potheads on my couch. Which would be more than fine, but I'm just saying. Anyway, AirBnB.

Right, this is the loft we chose...killer right? We didn't want to leave when we got there, we had to drag ourselves out, we didn't think Barcelona could actually be cooler than that loft. Good thing it was though! The only truly sucky part was that it was loud, which I knew about it. But the kicker was this stupid kid who rode his skateboard by and then tried flipping it? jumping it? I don't know...anyway, he did this for like an hour in front of our window (at MIDNIGHT when we had to get up at 4) and I had the most unpleasant thoughts toward this child!! I was also equally impressed with his drive/dedication to learn whatever it was that he was sucking at! Like, he never improved during the whole hour.

Anyway, I better go to sleep.

PS i had THE crappiest paella in Barcelona. It was like salt, instant rice and some seafood. BLEH. But on the other hand had the BEST tapas in the whole world.