Special Post: Kalee Jewelry

Planet Pyrite  * Planete Kunzite * Planete Rubis Zoisite

One of those great emails you wake up to is when the owner and designer (Miss Mbarki) of a beautiful jewelry brand (Kalee, from France) invites you to visit her website and graciously offers to mail you a piece of jewelry to share with your blog friends - definitely a great email. I quickly fell in love with the variety of jewelry she has, but especially the stone bracelets. And! Not only are they good for the eyes but each stone has natural benefits for the mind and body. Each piece of jewelry comes with a card that explains whether you'll have luck, power, health, etc. I decided I could use a lil' good health on my side (and energy!) so I chose the Agate Botswana.

One thing to note...I love how the chain bracelets have two clasp options, so it fits perfectly and the stone is always on top of my wrist. Small thing but relieves a lot of frustration when the pretty part of your bracelet is always on the bottom!

Anyway, I received 2 bracelets so I'm thinking I should do a giveaway, right??? Stay tuned for that this coming Monday!

 And thank you so much for your generosity Miss Mbarki!

Visit Kalee (shop). Facebook. And a cute French Girl reviewing a necklace on video :)