Luzern Lamp by Hugo Kretz (again, I know)

I Last week I guest posted at Life and It's Other Drugs about our new lamp that is a panorama picture of luzern - you can read why we got it and what it means to us on her blog.  I'm posting about it here too because..well, it's my blog and I can ;)  I did want to draw more attention to the artist though - Hugo Kretz. He has a line of designs from the past year that I'm dreaming of purchasing. I love his idea of "responsible design", or, "solid things that last". He says,
"The design resist trends, with the risk of being understated or even boring. However, the clear goal in my mind is that they are designs which can be enjoyed by their owners now and well in to the future".
Well said! (Although, I'm pretty sure the lamp is the least boring thing I've ever purchased :)) (there is one of sydney also, and plans for more..)