Giveaway - Kalee Jewelry

Remember this post? Ok, here it is..a giveaway of a bracelet by Kalee Jewelry from France! I get to send this to you because I'm currently in possession of this beaut. It's the bottom bracelet, the Leopard Jasper or "stone youth".

Leave me a comment for one entry. 

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Then you wait! Until Monday!!!

This stone "regenerates cells and slows aging, purifies the complexion, tones up the colon, regulates liver and kidneys.  Strengthens the heart and blood circulation, pushing back anguishes.  Favors sleep, restores strength, energy, self-confidence.  By its balance action, it prevents the formation of kidney stones.  Fights gall bladder problems, the lower abdomen, quiets vomiting, increases concentration and facilitates communication".  (These indications inform you about the benefits of the stones, but do not replace medical treatment). 

Can't wait??? Kalee Jewelry is offering a 50% (!!!) discount to any Village reader with the code .welcome....get in on that! Christmas is coming!