Happy Friday kids - that up there makes me laugh. Nothing is new here really - M is in the states for work for the next few weeks (lame). I got to see karaoke last night which always is a good time (I don't sing) and even had a sleepover with a friend (ON A SCHOOL NIGHT!) crazy times here in LU! Have a good w/e friends.

+ Don Draper pitches the new FB...very niiiice.
+ Do you have it yet? Get it here

+ For real, this is why I love Switzerland.

+ For all you Pantone peeps

+ Who can appreciate a pretty amazing Adele you tube cover? whoa

+ On movie trailers and one (like crazy) that kind of left me breathless, not going to lie
+ Girl problems from the 60's...if only!

+ How to peel garlic in 10 seconds...this rocks

Oh, and

+20% off at Hello Ambition - boat shoes, chevron skirt, check out the newest adds