All Tea Towels

First off, thanks for entering the Kalee Giveaway...and mucho luck to you. If you haven't yet, you still have until Sunday night. If you're lucky maybe I'll even throw in some Swiss chocolat??

And next...I want to talk tea towels!
So, this is my first ever review of something that someone has sent me (tea towels). I was all nervous at first because seriously, what if they were awful? but they weren't. Because honestly, how can a "T" towel be awful? It's kind of the opposite of awful (and we can fight about it if you want)! Actually, what is awful is my camera skills for this post, I haven't learned about timers apparently. And I know the pictures are blurry but I think they look cool like that? ....And you all just questioned my coolness. Right.


Al, from All Tea Towels (based in Ireland), emailed asking if I'd like to check out his website and offered to send me 2 towels to review. I've never accepted anything like that before, but I couldn't resist because like I said, they are tea towels. Even Mark was excited and surfing through all of the options (we didn't agree on which towels to get but I won, obviously!)

I chose the T Towel and the Union Jack (a nod to one of my fave cities) - I let him know and he sent them right away. He always wrote back to me asap which is important to be me because I hate waiting! Plus 1.

They are pretty cute right? What else do I say? I'm not sure. I liked them a lot. The prices on the website really good (starting at 3.95 (pounds)). The only not ok thing is washing them. I threw them in the washer and dryer and the red didn't totally hold it's color - and I'd hand dry them also because they can shrink. This of course is written on the tags but I am clearly not a girl who reads clothing tags when some of my laundry is still blue from that shirt. (....)

Anyway, I love them both. My favorite one is the "t" tea towel because it's organic and made from un-bleached cotton. IT IS SO SOFT. and it's funny :)

And btw, Al is kind of fun on can like it here! are some of my other faves...

Ok bye!