The weekend and a guest post

My neighbors have a bubble machine on their balcony - it's a pretty summery thing to see - bubbles blowing by your windows...
And it's still 80 degrees here. The weekend has involved walking around museums at night, riding in old old antique cars, dancing until 5am, a rooftop bbq and laughing all night, laying at the beach, a date with M grocery shopping (romantic!). Today plans are a run, a game in the park and a BBQ to kickoff off football season and our friends new ESPN channel (I go for the party part at least!).  I wish these lazy summer weekends of just bumming around Luzern and having a good time would last forever!

P.S. This past week I did a guest post for Lenore at Lather. Write. Repeat while she was away getting all is of two things that I wish I could own at the moment...check it out HERE.