Lately & Links

Here are some random pictures from my iPhone from...well, lately.
+ bama lama
+ chairs I'm loving (so many colors to choose from too)
+ hot boy
+ my bookshelves with new lights

and don't go yet...a very measley two links for you!

+ An artsy awesome recipe video for...beet cake of all things.
+ These top 20 post NYC tropical storm irene tweets might entertain you

Have a great weekend! Mine includes a night walk around New Town where some stores are hosting food and drinks, tomorrow is a bike fair where I can hopefully get an awesome bike and then there is also a redbull something - basically people dress like airplanes and jump in to the lake and whoever gets farthest wins...i can't wait to actually see this, should be a good time. Sunday I have blocked off to hang out with my boys!