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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fournier...A great Shop & Cause.

Exclusive Interview with Fournier! 

...Ok, maybe not exclusive.

BUT...that sounds fun. 

Regardless, I'm excited to share Anabel's answers to some of the questions that I had for her.  

She is the heart, the genius and the soul behind Fourner. 
(side note: is heart and soul the same thing?)

Fournier is a shop and a cause that I really admire and that I'm really proud to have in that sponsor column to the right!

I hope you enjoy reading about her :)

I know that Fournier began from a special place, can you tell us the story? 
I founded Fournier as a poverty alleviation project in the summer of 2004 while living in Bolivia, and after researching rural womens survival strategies in the face of extreme poverty. The point of my research was to settle on a project to help the community make long lasting improvements in their own standards of living.  
After discovering the amazing natural materials and craftmanship, I dedicated my stay in Bolivia to lay the groundwork for Fournier. In the past seven years Fournier has been training the artisans in knitting, crocheting, embroidery and sewing. 
 What has been your favorite thing about starting and owning Fournier? 
Giving opportunities to artisans in Bolivia, and providing people all along our supply chain with wages that enable them to live comfortably. 
It has also given my the opportunity to meet wonderful people and make long lasting friendships.
The design part is also a favorite. It has given me the chance to use my knitting knowledge in a very positive way.
(Some of the faces/artisans behind Fournier)

Do you have any exciting plans for the future of Fournier? 
Expand my womens line of accessories and clothing. I am also working on new toys and accessories for babies and kids. 
And lastly, 5 things that make you happy?
1. My family
   2. My work
   3. My charities
  4. My friends
  5. Baking & Knitting

~ Visit Fournier ~
Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Today I'm guest posting for Steph at Life and it's Other Drugs about one of my favorite designers/artists in Luzern...and it's where I unveil the new lamp. (so dramatic!) Check back on Monday for round II of the lampitylamplamplamp!
Tuesday, September 27, 2011

romp ba ba bomp bom

You may be thinking I have ADD, no, I don't, but the weather does! It was fall last week and I was posting about sweaters and coats and getting excited for scarves and boots (nevermind that I've managed to wear my beloved scarves most of the summer {cool evenings you guys!}) and this week it's mid 70's. I love summer, we had a brilliant love relationship this year but I've moved on. I've. moved. on. Yet, it keeps calling me, sending me notes, flirting, sending me this romper over the internet. FINE. I love it. Maybe I need it for next summer? Or maybe you do? Or maybe mother nature needs some ritalin and i should go to sleep?
Monday, September 26, 2011

Country Kitchens, a Guest Post by Branda

Today I'm really happy to have Mariana and Paula from Branda guest post here. They are the sweetest and have been a long time sponsor of Village - I really hope you enjoy this post, I think they worked hard to make it!! You can find them at their blog, The 4 in One or on Twitter and Facebook!

Who never dreamed of having one of those farm kitchens, smelling freshly baked cake and a steaming cup of coffee? The kitchen in the photo is just the one of those dreams, with shelves full of copper pans, old utensils, wooden spoons, enameled pots, spice racks and thousands of objects that have much to tell. Here are some must have suggestions.

  1. Old Vintage Farm House Kitchen Utensils by OurModernHistory
  2. Set of 5 antique french copper pans pots with hand cast iron and tin lined c.1920 by OldintheAttic
  3. White Enameled Colander by ZigZagWay
  4. Large Dutch Oven Cherry Wood Spoon by fortremington
  5. Primitive Serving Tray by lislynn6755
  6. Stoneware Butter Churn 4 Gallon by cynthiasattic
  7. Pair of Oak Painted Farm Chic Straight Back Chairs by assemblage333
  8. White Enamel Canister Set by SundayBrocantes
  9. Vintage White Enamel Stock Pot With Lid by OurModernHistory
  10. Vintage French Rolling Pin and Towel by SundayBrocantes
  11. Pair of Vintage White Enamel Coffee Pots by joma123
  12. Pair of Vintage Wood Cutting Board by FrogGoesToMarket
  13. Egg Beater Vintage 1920s by Klassic
  14. Antique French Wire Egg Basket by jeremysmith1985
  15. Vintage Mid Century Wooden 12 jar spice Rack by funretro
  16. Primitive Country Plate Rack Kitchen by redroosterbab
Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bama Love

I own the cuddliest (neediest) dog in the universe. I love him.
Friday, September 23, 2011


haha kidding!!! I love that Diana left this surprise link for me, I had to laugh out loud. Viva la triangle, homies!

+ The cutest gift for your BFF
+ My new goal is to duplicate this shirt and pants idea
+ Hilarious obnoxious coworker complaints (thanks UMC!)
+ Triangle gift boxes...cooool, thanks Bella :)
+ Really cool fashion week photo 
+ Recording handwriting for the future, kind of sad!
+ Celebrities in Renaissance...very cool

-Did you catch my guest post on travel photography at Kristina's?
Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bike Shelf

This is genius.  (via)
Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My wins :)

So Annily Green had this super generous giveaway and I won a gift card to her shop...I chose the above (a camera strap) and I can't wait for it to arrive! I also chose this but I almost got this! So, there were a lot of great things, that was NOT easy.
Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Guest Post

I guest posted at Kristina's blog for her travel snapshot series where she asked questions about travel photography - I chose to write about Mexico (a.k.a one of my favorite "vacations" ever - except it was for a grad school trip :)) If you want to check out more of my favorite photos and what not, head over here :)
Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday. Bleh.

Someone is going through a black leather coat phase! (via and via)
(that would be me)

I'm so tired today! 

P.S. How as your weekend??? Mine was super - it was all around fun but the cherry on top was being able to have Nikki (from Perpetually Engaged) and her husband, Bryan, stay with us all of Sunday and Sunday night during their big Euro trip. We've been blog friends for awhile so it felt like we were old friends - and it was a blast. I knew the boys would get along and they totally did - (including bama). She is holding pics hostage (unintentionally) until they get home though so I've got nothing :(

oh..and she brought me oreos!!!!!!
Thursday, September 15, 2011

I love...

for real.
(both via)

It's been awhile, right? (a bracelet)

But seriously, don't fear. I still love triangles. I even have the cutest little one in my nose so I'm still representing!
This one is from Dores. I might have just ordered it.

P.S. One of my sponsors to the right is having a sale! Can you see who? Oh how I amuse myself..
Monday, September 12, 2011

The Dining Room

I don't even have chairs yet, do you know how hard those are to pick out? But here is a photo of the new flat! But just one, because I need to put things on walls still and it still needs some finishing touches until it debuts to the entire WORLD. right? the world doesn't read my blog? whatever. whatever world! 
Sunday, September 11, 2011

The weekend and a guest post

My neighbors have a bubble machine on their balcony - it's a pretty summery thing to see - bubbles blowing by your windows...
And it's still 80 degrees here. The weekend has involved walking around museums at night, riding in old old antique cars, dancing until 5am, a rooftop bbq and laughing all night, laying at the beach, a date with M grocery shopping (romantic!). Today plans are a run, a game in the park and a BBQ to kickoff off football season and our friends new ESPN channel (I go for the party part at least!).  I wish these lazy summer weekends of just bumming around Luzern and having a good time would last forever!

P.S. This past week I did a guest post for Lenore at Lather. Write. Repeat while she was away getting all is of two things that I wish I could own at the moment...check it out HERE.
Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The September Crowd

I 100% adore all of these people. Click their button to the right (in the sponsor column) to find out more.

Pop Pop Portraits
Under a New Light
Hello Ambition Vintage
Upper Metal Class
EL Vintage
Bride blu
A Little Dot
My Best Friend Jules: blog design
Previously Owned
Sunday, September 4, 2011


 This definitely tops my list of favorite vacations - there was culture, bike rides, dates, adventure, hiking, eating, meeting relatives, and non stop laughing. There were over 500 pictures and it hurt to cut out so many but I think this is good or you'd get way bored!
Have a great monday!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Lately & Links

Here are some random pictures from my iPhone from...well, lately.
+ bama lama
+ chairs I'm loving (so many colors to choose from too)
+ hot boy
+ my bookshelves with new lights

and don't go yet...a very measley two links for you!

+ An artsy awesome recipe video for...beet cake of all things.
+ These top 20 post NYC tropical storm irene tweets might entertain you

Have a great weekend! Mine includes a night walk around New Town where some stores are hosting food and drinks, tomorrow is a bike fair where I can hopefully get an awesome bike and then there is also a redbull something - basically people dress like airplanes and jump in to the lake and whoever gets farthest wins...i can't wait to actually see this, should be a good time. Sunday I have blocked off to hang out with my boys!



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