What the Hell Wednesday

I had to participate in Christianna's (the girl with the blue bow) 'What the Hell Wednesdays' this week because that's about all I could say to this page in the Ikea catalog...right???? WHO styled that shot? (thanks to one of my besties who JUST MOVED DOWN THE STREET! and her dude who noticed this...so hilarious). and i know it's not quite wednesday but being a working girl is hard ya'll, so i'm posting this real quick in between figuring out how in the world to shop for groceries when the stores close before i get home and swimming in the lake and trying to enjoy the 2nd summer day that we've had this year so far. so! that's that.

also I broke my internet this weekend but then i fixed it. i also saw king of the bongos in concert and it was manu chou's band but without manu chou maybe? and they played king of the bongo and now i'm obsessed with it, go listen!

you? what's up?