What's up?

In the last month I've...

-had two sets of friends visit us here
-traveled to paris and venice and austria and lichtenstein
-spent a weekend moving to luzern
-have been so tired i drop in to bed and sleep simultaneously
-have been missing your blogs due to the craziness that was june! (I still <3 you and that's why i've been mia)

In the last week I've...

-spilled a drink off my balcony on to someone's head (oops!)
-tucked my skirt in to my underwear (it's not all class over here)
-had my skirt fly up around my head in front of a restaurant on top of a mtn because of the wind (i might be over skirts)
-and a lot of other dumb things, i might be losing my mind

It's been abnormally chaotic around here but I'm excited for July and to get back to a normal pace of life (and posts)!! Happy weekend of the 4th!! What have you been up to lately?

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