Paris Photos (finally) and a ramble

I finallllllly sorted through Paree pics...

Paris was alright! I liked taking pictures. And riding bikes. And shopping. And drinking wine at the Louvre, and eating crepes. And spending time with my friendos. and Marko. I don't have the parisophilia but I like it well enough!
Mark also made me buy new glasses because he said he hated my old ones because they were too big. Whatever, I got a new pair of sunglasses. Now I wear both! enjoy the pics! next on the agenda is Venice pics. Venizia. But tomorrow I'm on the way to a random trip to Hannover (de) for work - in my first week. I have to be up in 3 hrs and 45 minutes. This was not the most well planned day! But it was a great one.

Hi! I'm still here. I keep thinking I'm going to end but I"m chatty.  Today I met my blog friend Nina who is from South Africa and she is in Switzerland visiting. She doesn't have a blog but we've emailed back and forth. Her dog and my dog are penpals. (just let that be). Anyway, we planned to meet at the train station in Zurich but I was late and we must have both realized we Never said what we'd be wearing or anything - BUT...GET THIS...I was wearing a triangle necklace and she totally recognized it!!!!!!! YEAH TRIANGLES YOU SAVED MY LIFE! maybe i'm exaggerating, but now you guys can't make fun of me as they can save really important situations. We had a blast talking over Prosecco and dinner.

And did I tell you that last week I got to meet Jamie from Lyrical Journey? We only had a quick hour (also in the zurich trainstation) for breakfast before her flight but it was soooo fun. On these both occasions I felt like I was meeting old friends.

It's meet a blogger month. Have you met one? I'm making that up of course.

Clearly I should go to bed.