links & things


+ I love this quote and this quote.
+ ...and this DIY for a tote.
+ probably the best engagement photos i've ever seen..
+ the best kitchen ever? yep.
+ an interesting take on Miranda July
+ hilarious tumblr especially if you like the f-bomb
+ feeling blue? how about an anonymous hug. (would you do it?)
+ about being where we are. inspiring
+ a love mattress for snuggly couples, this cracks me up :)
and lastly
+ I need to see this movie asap.

Have a great weekend! My Friday was a bust since I had a migraine and was in bed by 9:( All better now though! M and I are going to buy a dining room table today and some other left over things that we need. I'm excited to be able to have proper dinner parties and put this place together! (afterall, I think I need to put some pics up on here ammiright?) What are your plans?