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Happy Friday everyone! Can I just say that this month is insane? We have visitors here now for 2 weeks and we'll be traveling, and then we move, and then we have more visitors. yikes. So, if it looks like I've fallen off the face of the planet...that is why! What are you up to this weekend? We are leaving on Sunday for a couple days in Paris. I'm hoping to do the whole bike rental thing, yah??

Linking you up like ca-razy:
+This smoothy recipe is now in my box: a recovery treat for runners

+The photography on this blog {Jones} always leaves me inspired.

+ Cutest way ever to announce...well, this announcement - congrats Leah :)

+ We have been soo enjoying this dessert this week

+ I think I need one of these mobile homes for my bike!

+ Vogue Italia puts some normal sized women on the cover...breakthrough? =)

+ I ADORE these rings.

+ Pretty sweet diy painted mug idea

+ You have seriously not seen makeup art until you've seen this...amazing.

+ Pretty pretty gold shoe roundup

+ Pretty sure these are the coolest business cards to exist!!

Also, the universe collided and I got to participate in 4 guest posts this past week with some of my favorite bloggers while they were out conquering the world, here they are in case you are interested!

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