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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I just wanted you to know...

...That if you are looking for a new blog design, Mervi from My Best Friend Jules is offering all of you guys 10% off any of her design packages at her Etsy Shop {Design by Wushka} with code 'okvillage'. She's worked magic for Brideblu, You Stir Me and many more!
Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Last 4 Tumbl's by A Little Dot

Thanks to Superat {from A Little Dot} for sharing her last 4 tumblr posts!
You can get more of her style by checking out her Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Etsy shop.

Pic 1// Pic 2 // Pic 3 // Pic 4 

P.S. I don't have internet at my new flat yet! So, until they can figure out what is up, still be my friend. I don't think they realize that I want to read blogs...

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Links & Things


You are so welcome for the worlds most random picture! This week, on the day before my visiting friends left to go back home, we went over to our new flat in Luzern and had a memorable moment toasting to the new apartment! We had mimosa's and poulet schnitzel - it was a classy combo, don't worry, I know! honor of our move tonight and tomorrow, I had to use this picture =)

And some of my favorite links from the week:

+ If you've seen the Honey Badger youtube video, you will pee in your pants about these mugs 
+ A storage canister that I need. Who needs storage canisters? Me.
+ Until 6/30, 10% of purchases from Upper Metal Class will be donated to Animal Refuge Kansai in Japan. 
+ Design by Wushka is offering readers of this blog 10% off of her etsy shop design packages with code 'okvillage' 
+ This shirt is awesome, and I'm not even a brightly colored girl.
+ I hope this guy gets his guitar back :(

Oh and FYI, Fournier is having a rockin summer sale - 20% off everything - so if you're in need of some summer accessories, baby shower gifts, gifts for little ones, the time is now to check this it out!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Getting to Know: Hello Ambition Vintage

If you want to find out more about Caroline and her amazing vintage shop you can check out her equally as lovely blog {Hello Ambition} or follow her through her Facebook page!

P.S. I'm swimming in Paris and Venice pics, hope to share them soon!!
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Friday, June 17, 2011

Pinteresting: Last 4 Pins

I was all hesitant to sign up for pinterest (here's mine) because did I reallly need another thing. but I did. and I've never looked back.
1/ anthro shirt {via jenniferhagler pinterest}
2/ pour porter purse {via destined to design}
3/ vintage book {via sugar cube vintage}
4/ dining room look {via inattendu}

Have an amazing weekend! We're leaving today for Venice with our visiting friends (they are ambitious euro travelers in their time here)! Gondola man, here I come! (Do you have any recommendations?)

P.S. Few more days of traveling then I can catch up with you guys, can't wait!!!!

Did you enter the Pop Pop Portraits giveaway???????
Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A pop pop portraits Giveaway {Closed}

To Enter, do one of the following (or all for extra entries) and leave a comment letting me know what you did! (I'll even let you leave one comment for everything! I'm nice!)

1. Visit Pop Pop Portraits Etsy shop, let us know what ya like
2. Follow the Pop Pop Portraits BLOG
3. Like Pop Pop Portraits on FACEBOOK
4. share on your blog OR Tweet the giveaway: "enter to win a tote and 3 prints of your choice from pop pop portraits at @okvillage blog:"

*UPDATE* The winner is Kelle from Kelle Dame Interiors!!
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Pop Pop Portraits (Part I)

Stay tuned...there may or may not be a pretty fantastic pop pop portraits giveaway later today ;)
Here's a sample of some of your many choices!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

didbug hand dyed scarves

I am so fascinated with peoples' talents and the things they find to do! Katie from the blog katie-did hand dyes scarves and then puts prints on them (she has studied this process in school) and makes the prettiest scarves. I love following her blog to see some behind the scenes action every now and then like the picture above! (she sells them in her etsy store)

Monday, June 13, 2011


Tumblr is a great catch all - and I like it because you never know what you will come across in that crazy dashboard!

{images via that kind of woman, oh! you pretty things & design crush}

Sunday, June 12, 2011

swiss sunday

a foggy evening lake luzern from this past week.  the weather has been grey and cloudy and oh so relaxing =)  today we are en route to paris with friends who are visiting (one of my best friends since HS and her husband. It's been pretty amazing having them here - we were talking today about how great it was that we could be so far apart but whenever we see eachother we just pick up where we left off - you have to appreciate friends like that in your life (and take care of them)!

Also today, I'm sharing my idea of the ultimate travel destination at Elise's blog, Globetrotting in Heels.  It's kicking off her "Sunday Trippin" series. Elise is a pretty great person, I have the luck to have gotten to know her in person since she lives in Zurich (thanks blogging!)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Links & Things

{via cutest food}

Happy Friday everyone! Can I just say that this month is insane? We have visitors here now for 2 weeks and we'll be traveling, and then we move, and then we have more visitors. yikes. So, if it looks like I've fallen off the face of the planet...that is why! What are you up to this weekend? We are leaving on Sunday for a couple days in Paris. I'm hoping to do the whole bike rental thing, yah??

Linking you up like ca-razy:
+This smoothy recipe is now in my box: a recovery treat for runners

+The photography on this blog {Jones} always leaves me inspired.

+ Cutest way ever to announce...well, this announcement - congrats Leah :)

+ We have been soo enjoying this dessert this week

+ I think I need one of these mobile homes for my bike!

+ Vogue Italia puts some normal sized women on the cover...breakthrough? =)

+ I ADORE these rings.

+ Pretty sweet diy painted mug idea

+ You have seriously not seen makeup art until you've seen this...amazing.

+ Pretty pretty gold shoe roundup

+ Pretty sure these are the coolest business cards to exist!!

Also, the universe collided and I got to participate in 4 guest posts this past week with some of my favorite bloggers while they were out conquering the world, here they are in case you are interested!

+ My 5 Word Memoir - A Measure of...(6.6.11)
+ Movie Bar Codes Guest Post - Bug Miscellany (6.5.11)
+ It Takes a Village - Interview - Violet Sage (6.1.11)
+ Guest post  - The Boot (6.1.11)
Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fresco Towels

In my years and years of living, I've never felt so strongly about towels (except for my awesome lisa frank beach towel in middle school of course) but these Fresco towels are pretty awesome and they mutually want to be in my bathroom, I'm pretty sure.
(via dilly dallas)
Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June Window Shopping

I get seriously excited to have these window shopping sessions but then I seriously have to hide my wallet and un-memorize my paypal info stat.
Thank you to my sponsors - you are all amazing to work with and to have at Village, each and everyone one of you fit in seamlessly here in this space and you are endlessly inspiring!

a little dot
noble town vintage
under a new light
upper class metal
EL vintage
pop pop portraits
design by wushka
a lovely, little shop
Tuesday, June 7, 2011

very Pretty things.

Nothing much today, just a trifecta of goodness!

P.S. thanks for the feedback on my interview  at violet sage - sounds like i have to get a nose ring now :)
P.S.S. From the 'where I live' post, you might have thought I live on top of that mountain - but I wish! I went back and put a little yellow dot where my village actually is (for a few more weeks at least!) see the new version here!

P.SSSSSSS.  See my 5 word memoir at 'A Measure Of'. What would yours be?? I love this series of hers.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


It was so fun to learn more about these two ladies and their store Ciaffi - they have been a long time sponsor here and a joy to work with! I have these notebooks and carry them with me 24/7 - they are the seriously perfect size for a purse.

If you want more you can follow their blog, twitter or like them on FB!
Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dear the area where I live, have stolen my heart.

P.S. The yellow dot is where I live
P.S.S I did a quick little guest post at Bug Miscellany about movie barcodes if anyone is interested, have you seen those?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A pretty sweet bag and a guest post

How cool is this bag? (via)

PS. My dog is scared of the wind.
PSS. I did a little interview with Meghan over at Violet Sage if you want to check it out!! (She's also running a jewelry giveaway!)
Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Under a New Light & Custom Orders

I got kind of giddy when I saw this color palette posted on Guisela's blog for her shop, Under a New Light. These are all choices of leather that we can choose from to request a custom order for any of her leather products! Some of the jewelry options below! (I'm thinking these in green, yeah?)


Today I got to guest post for Marissa's blog, 'the boot' (see here). She's an american living in Italy - I cover a post for her while she rests up from her 19hr travels to the US for a visit!



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