Fournier {for women and children} a cute dress for the kiddos. I don't have them but I assume that I will some day? 

So when I do actually have the kids, I think Fournier is going to be my first stop for shopping for them. Many of you might be familiar with Anabel and her blog, And so I Whisper - and have stayed udpated as she has launched this shop - it has been fun to watch!  I love the hats and scarves and bloomers - but even more so, I love why it was created - I love Anabel's mission. Anabel founded Fournier in 2004 while on a trip to Bolivia - since then she has been working directly with artisans in a partnership that works towards alleviating poverty and creating beautiful (eco friendly!) things from a region renowned for its craftmanship.  

So anyway, until I have those kids, I can stalk Fournier's le-lovely accessories for women!
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Juliane Necklace
P.S. Does anyone else have an overactive imagination that convinces you that you are you know, with child, and then you have to find out - and then you realize you're not but even worse, you realize you should cut down on that yummy swiss bier or you're going to at least look like you are? yeah me either.