A bit of random

This is a random post for you - It's Friday and I'm way distracted and I want a nap - but I had to at least share these two things, k? Cheers to the w/e!

/ BOUNCY BALLS! I'd like to meet the person who doesn't appreciate a bouncy ball - they are the coolest. And I guess somewhere along the way they let thousands and thousands of them loose down a street in San Francisco for a commercial - and this is part of the photo series! (via honestlywtf)

/ This past week we finally got to (kind of) see our new flat (after signing a lease without having set foot in it, we were kind of nervous) but it is beauutiful! It is still being worked on but it's light, spacious and...has my favorite type of floor. I can't wait to move in at the end of June! I took a couple distracted pictures and this is one of them - sorry for the lameness..but it kind of gives you an idea!