I have to show you my grandma and grandpa {Doyle & Mary Lou} - it was their 47th wedding anniversary a couple days ago - so happy anniversary! (my grandma reads which is why I try to keep the sex drugs and rock n' roll to a minimum).

This picture was taken at the Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago in September of 1963 - it was the night before my grandpa went to the army.  My grandma told me the other day that Tony Bennett played that night and he sang I Left My Heart in San Francisco. This picture is like something out of the movies to me, even those guys in the background are awesome looking (very chicago i think)

Anyway, they are the coolest. They even skype with me. And IM.  

P.S. My favorite story is that my grandpa told my grandma in the third that he was going to marry her someday! (I think he passed a note!)

p.s.s (Isn't it weird that our grandkids someday are going to have a million pictures of us available?)