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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend 5.27.11

Oh the weekend, it was sweet (besides saying ciao to M for a week). I tried to take pictures the whole time but it just didn't work out so well. I think I'll get better if I make this a regular thing which would be good to look back on - but for now, you get my poor attempt!

/ Butterzopf - the most amazing breakfast bread ever
/ Amazing pictures at a Lumas art exhibit in Zurich for new photographers
/ a par-tay at Linzs' house before heading out on the town for a night - we decided to see if we could get in to her apartment through the windows...I managed in heels..was pretty proud (we might be nerds?)

P.S. The winner of the EL Vintage giveaway is #23, Elisa!! (From the states)
Sunday, May 29, 2011



+ UO responds to design theft allegations. Also, Regretsy's article is an interesting read!

+ remember the bouncy ball picture? Here's a behind the scenes look from the commercial - very cool (thanks for sending me the link Marisa)

+ 'People I Want to Punch in the Face' notebooks. hmmm

+ I can only say 'wtf' to this. I won't do it. Ever. I have to draw the line somewhere you guys, and those are a real good place

+ I need this Umbrella 

Happy Sunday!

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Fathers Day Anyone?

Well, fathers day is sneaking up on us and I had a little extra time last night due to that too late cup of coffee (all because I wanted the chocolate that came with it (??)) so I started searching out some random fathers day gifts like:

// Barska Blueline Spy Scope - who wouldn't want to whip one of these things out?
// Stylish Travel Razor
// Steak Button Thermometer - because it's awesome and I want one
// All wood iPhone amplifier

Or maybe this sweet iPhone sleeve from Need Spply?
Or this super simple but cool brass key hook?

Happy Friday guys!

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

geo earrings

My ears want these, I can't deny my ears!
{via A Merry Mishap}

And homies, if you are interested in some new bracelets, don't forget to enter the EL Vintage friendship bracelet giveaway HERE. (and she's offering 10% off her etsy store with coupon code 10DISCOUNT)
Wednesday, May 25, 2011

EL Vintage giveaway

The lovely Emily of EL Vintage has decided to giveaway a set of one of her handmade friendship bracelets to a Village reader! I have them and can testify that they are super cute on - I wear them quite often!

To Enter:

Extra Entries for supporting Emily (leave a comment for each):

  • Follow EL Vintage blog
  • Like EL Vintage on FB
  • Follow EL Vintage on Twitter 
  • Tweet the giveaway
Winner will be announced Monday morning!

Additionally, Emily is offering up at 10% discount to EL Vintage for the duration of the giveaway - so until Monday:  use code 10DISCOUNT to get some moolah off a new cute summer dress like one of the ones below! ...or maybe choose from over 200 of her other listings!

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Knitting Clock?

My friend Dimitri (of Newly Swissed fame) sent me the article on this clock thinking I'd like it - umm yes! Now I don't have to learn how to knit! right?

Did you have a good weekend? Mine was terrific - it included much hiking and patio'ing and no technology. So much hiking that walking is a bit problematic today as in walking down steps is nearly fun! (I always mean to take pics during the w/e to share here but I always forget by saturday and then I'm ocd and can't just show half of the w/e - it's all or nothing, you know?!)

P.S. Stay tuned for a cute EL Vintage giveaway ;)
P.S.S. I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, will visit you soon!
Friday, May 20, 2011

A bit of random

This is a random post for you - It's Friday and I'm way distracted and I want a nap - but I had to at least share these two things, k? Cheers to the w/e!

/ BOUNCY BALLS! I'd like to meet the person who doesn't appreciate a bouncy ball - they are the coolest. And I guess somewhere along the way they let thousands and thousands of them loose down a street in San Francisco for a commercial - and this is part of the photo series! (via honestlywtf)

/ This past week we finally got to (kind of) see our new flat (after signing a lease without having set foot in it, we were kind of nervous) but it is beauutiful! It is still being worked on but it's light, spacious and...has my favorite type of floor. I can't wait to move in at the end of June! I took a couple distracted pictures and this is one of them - sorry for the lameness..but it kind of gives you an idea!
Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fournier {for women and children} a cute dress for the kiddos. I don't have them but I assume that I will some day? 

So when I do actually have the kids, I think Fournier is going to be my first stop for shopping for them. Many of you might be familiar with Anabel and her blog, And so I Whisper - and have stayed udpated as she has launched this shop - it has been fun to watch!  I love the hats and scarves and bloomers - but even more so, I love why it was created - I love Anabel's mission. Anabel founded Fournier in 2004 while on a trip to Bolivia - since then she has been working directly with artisans in a partnership that works towards alleviating poverty and creating beautiful (eco friendly!) things from a region renowned for its craftmanship.  

So anyway, until I have those kids, I can stalk Fournier's le-lovely accessories for women!
Find Fournier
                       Facebook         Twitter           Blog
Juliane Necklace
P.S. Does anyone else have an overactive imagination that convinces you that you are you know, with child, and then you have to find out - and then you realize you're not but even worse, you realize you should cut down on that yummy swiss bier or you're going to at least look like you are? yeah me either.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

my lovely, little bracelet =)

I  recently ordered this bracelet from Chelsea at a lovely, little shop - and can I say that everything about receiving this package made me happy? I have a huge appreciation for pretty packaging and she has the coolest things going on here from the cardboard box (that i'll never throw away) to her cool business card to the sparkly stickers...geeez girl knows how to im-press! I also got these but I tore them out of their thing and put them on right away so they missed out on the photoshoot :)

And yes, that is moi, sipping on prosecco, admiring my new bracelet oh-so casually you'd think it was staged or something. Too bad that car in the background ruined the moment. And also the riot police showing up. And also the fact that I just realized I don't like my sunglasses anymore.
Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sway Sofa

I am a total house cat, I lounge around - if couches could be soul mates, this would be "the one"

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Monday, May 16, 2011


I have to show you my grandma and grandpa {Doyle & Mary Lou} - it was their 47th wedding anniversary a couple days ago - so happy anniversary! (my grandma reads which is why I try to keep the sex drugs and rock n' roll to a minimum).

This picture was taken at the Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago in September of 1963 - it was the night before my grandpa went to the army.  My grandma told me the other day that Tony Bennett played that night and he sang I Left My Heart in San Francisco. This picture is like something out of the movies to me, even those guys in the background are awesome looking (very chicago i think)

Anyway, they are the coolest. They even skype with me. And IM.  

P.S. My favorite story is that my grandpa told my grandma in the third that he was going to marry her someday! (I think he passed a note!)

p.s.s (Isn't it weird that our grandkids someday are going to have a million pictures of us available?)
Saturday, May 14, 2011


the inner workings of cassette tapes by Martin Senyszak

+ The perks of being an emotional girl - an inspiring article

+ My new favorite thing to make - roasted garlic (via)

+ Remember the worlds tiniest post office? Now you can get your own set to make them..

+ Never thought I could love tea towels so much, but there you go

+ I really loved this letter to a new blogger 

+ A guide to french style, or normal everyday amazing style too!

+ You can buy the Home Alone house - it's for sale..

Have an amazing weekend! I did some shopping in Zurich yesterday and tonight its a big birthday party - tomorrow...the WORLD


p.s. Isn't blogger awesome lately?!*

*I'm being sarcastic
Thursday, May 12, 2011

a little dot // etsy // i might have a jewelry problem

meet 'a little dot', Superat's glorious etsy shop. by glorious i mean, i couldn't pick what to feature so just did eeny meeny miny mo. as in she lives on a tropical island in the gulf of thailand and works in the scuba industry by day...i might be fascinated with her life. and her jewelry! 

(i'm sorry, friends, for showing you even more amazing jewelry, you are victims of my extreme jewelry phase lately i think!)

// tear

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jar Decorating Idea

for sure doing this.
{via ewiley pinterest via rikki's blog}

P.S. Thanks Miss B and Hustle :)
Tuesday, May 10, 2011

amateur Couture

 I've blogged about Amateur Couture before, but it remains one of my favorites. She pairs art with fashion - and each pairing is so spot on - it amazes me how two different things from different arenas can relate so well. And you guyyyys, I want that dress.

the simple things

Simple things I'm enjoying lately
:: the first ever cupcakes i've made (don't laugh at me brandi)
:: a new scarf
:: my brideblu necklace (from payitforward) and the necklace Reni sent to me (
:: martini's (i think that was my first one)
:: crackers and cheese
:: bama, of course =)


Monday, May 9, 2011

pop pop portraits

Hullo! I trust you had a fine weekend? I did a little of this and a little of that, some grilling, some rooftops, some laying at the beach, and some bowling even. And this morning it finally sunk in that I shouldn't be allowed to wield hot things so close to waking up (hi straightener) >/

Above I'm sharing with you Pop Pop Portraits - Helena paints these! Each has a name even, and a little story usually when she posts them on her blog (pop pop portraits).  I'm always always excited when I see that she's updated, I have to know what is coming next =) Has anyone had a pop pop painting done of you? (kind of like this custom one?) You can browse her blog or etsy to see more of her collection - each one is an experience to see!
{She's also on the Facebook}
Friday, May 6, 2011

Design by Wushka

A few weeks ago I was making the rounds, you know, visiting all my fave homies when I clicked on Cat's blog, Brideblu - and then it opened - and then I was all, "this is not Cat's blog" and then I read the title and was all, "this IS cat's blog" and after a swift deduction (as swift people like me do) was made, I realized she had a total beautiful, perfect-for-her blog makeover! And then I had to explore to find who the mastermind behind this magic was and that's when I found Mervi from Design by Wushka! And I liked her names! And her designs! And her! And exclamation marks!

And what I'm saying is...if you want that spring blog makeover, maybe she's your girl?

Either way, enjoy getting to know her and the secret ingredients for a night at the desk of a charming blog designer:

"Wuskha" is super fun to say, is there are a story behind it? 
Hih! Isn't it! As teenagers you come up with all sorts of silly things... Well, me and my friend loved mimicking different languages and Russian was one of our favorites. It was just so fun to pronounce and it has cool vibe to it. So we  decided to come up with "Russian" nicknames for ourselves - mine was Merwushka. And later it was abbreviated to Wushka. Some of my friends still call me by that name. Hence Wushka :)
Is web design your full time job? If not, what is your day gig and how did you get in to design?  
No, I actually have an international business degree and I work as a project manager in a Helsinki based ad agency. But I've always been into design and all things visual, for that matter. So on my free time, I've taken a couple of night courses to study the basics. But I've learned a lot just by doing and trying out things, and it's slowly picked up from there.
(Brideblu makeover)
Do you have favorite music to listen to, drinks to drink or any other rituals as you work on blog designs? 
Yes! I have my personal butler (aka my boyfriend) who always brings me tea and biscuits when I'm working. My favorite tea at the moment is called "Rainy days joy", a black tea infused with fruit and berries. I also like listening to Regina Spektor. She's such a stunning artist and there's something about her songs that put me in that happy place. That's the recipe for a night at my drawing board.
What are 5 things that make you really happy?  
1. Sunshine! It was a long COLD winter here in Finland, so the light and warmth feels like the most perfect treat. 
2. Our home. We bought our own apartment last summer and it makes me so happy that we have our very own nest. 
3. I get to do something creative every day. (psst, I've just finished a new blog design for Bohemian Backbone
4. The support and encouragement I've received from numerous people, in and outside the blogging community, to keep doing what I'm doing.
5. our little pup Salli makes me smile every day. She's such a sweetheart - always
Thanks Mervi!!

And if you'd like, you can
john cena

You can find her on Twitter and Pinterest too =)
(she's also one of the two ladies behind My Best Friend Jules)

Update!! To celebrate the opening of design by wushka, @wushka is giving away a free blog template! click here to enter

Thursday, May 5, 2011


This apartment melts my heart. The parquet flooring is what does me in.
{via Black. White. Yellow}

P.S Thank you to Ana from Live and Enliven Designs for my new header!! I finally gave it up to the professionals =) She was amazing to work with and SO patient (which is a good thing because I might win the pickiest client award!). I'd definitely encourage you to check out her work, I love everything she touches. Thanks ana!

P.S.S.   Today I did a guest post about me and moving to Switzerland over at Simply Colette if you want to check it out.
We instantly bonded because Switzerland happens to be one of her favorite places and she does photography getaways here! Also, she was just in London for the royal wedding and shared some awesome pictures...she's such a cool girl :)
Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Before I Die..

This project by public installation artist, Candy Change is nothing short of inspiring - the real kind of inspiring. Set in New Orleans, passerbys of this abandoned house write down their dreams - when it's full, it's erased and they start over. I love the idea of being able to read the hopes of the people around you in your community...if anything, we'd realize we're all more similar at the core than we are different. That's where real change will start ;)

Read the full article with more details here, at Good Design.
Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I think my heart delights in every single piece of jewelry found in the etsy store, Upper Metal Class.

As well as in it's clever name.

As well as that it has gold and silver options.

As well as that it's based in Portland and even though I've never been there I want to live there.

And especially all of the geometric goodness (may or may not be a variety of a certain really fun shape that i like)

Find Upper Metal Class:

I hope you guys have a great day!! It's rainy and grey here, which I love =)
Monday, May 2, 2011

window shopping =)

 some of my recent favorites from my terrific sponsors..

Noble Town Vintage Turquoise & Copper Fringe Necklace
Ciaffi Pixelated Earth Tones Notebook TORNnotions handmade apron
A Lovely, Little Shop rainbow peacock ore necklace
Under a New Light Recuerdos Bracelet
Brideblu Phoebe Bow Necklace
EL Vintage new handmade bracelet set 
Sunday Photo photo (my store, had to even it out!) 
Pop Pop Portraits Nerdy Nymphet

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Swiss Sunday & Friend Friday

Photo Credit - my friend Teri =)

I'm not sure why I'm posting all these random photos lately but here you go! I was sitting with my friend in Old Town yesterday and all of a sudden we hear marching band music, yelling, etc - like a parade. But then the riot police showed up next to our tables and we realized it was a protest! To have a protest in Switzerland, you first get permission from the police and then they show up with all of this stuff automatically - so nothing huge was happening but it was interesting to see!  I take that back, somehow mark and his friend got in the middle of a bunch of guys dressed in black chasing these other guys when they were riding through on their mountain bikes...the details are fuzzy.


And now since I failed to do this on Friday, I'm hooking up with the Friend Friday topic (from the Fashion Beauty Friend Friday group) hosted at Modly Chic which is about Fitness!

1. Do you keep some kind of fitness routine? Why? 

I do - I try to run at least every other day and would ideally like to do more but it usually never happens =) I keep it because it's the only way that I can feel confident in my skin. Just eating right doesn't do it for me.

2. Has working out, maybe training for a marathon or something of that nature, helped with your own perception of body image?

I think so - I think that the achievement and high that I feel from a really great run and running consistently cancels out any doubts about how I look because I feel great and that has become most important.

3. When you are hitting the gym or going for a hike, what do you wear? Is it about functionality or fashion? 

If I'm going to be honest here, if I had the choice between looking awesome or functionality I'd go for looking awesome. But, that being said, I do try to find the best of both worlds because those ugly mesh wicking shirts actually make a huge difference on long runs so I've been stealing marks and resigning myself to finally buying some (finally). But usually I wear black leggings and baggy v-neck shirts and tank tops for hot hot days

4. Do you feel there is a cultural perception about what you "should" be doing for your own physical fitness?

This is an interesting question to me because I think Switzerland is different from the US in this aspect. In the US I think that physical fitness is not that important as long as you look good. But, in Switzerland - I think people respect physical fitness a lot more. I've always been a runner but moving here has made even me more conscious of my fitness level and how it's not really up to par. Sure, I can go run long distances but can I hike up a billion meter mountain as effortlessly as the 70 year old swiss man that just blew past me? Nope. In the US I worked out to maintain my body and to feel good - here I train to be able to keep up with our friends on hikes!

5. Dream big, what would be your ultimate fitness goal?

To be able to hang with Mark and his friends mountain biking. They are insane boys though, so it will never ever happen. And to run another half which I'm working on!

Thanks for the great questions Katy - to see everyone else's entries visit Modly Chic.



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