Sunday Market

Shall we do some window shopping? Get it? on the computer..ha! are you laughing? wait, don't answer that...
Exodus // Pyramid of the Sun    Blog: a lovely, little shop
Mini Notecards with Envelopes // Corrugated Notebook  Blog: The 4 In One
Tassled Enzo Loafers // Clearance Evening Purse    Blog: EL Vintage

Veiled Pearl Drop bracelet // Stevie Vintage Linked Charm Bracelet   Blog: Brideblu

Cup and Bowl Snack Set // Time piece necklace    Marketplace:

Embrujo Earrings (For Japan Relief) // Superposition Pendant   Blog: Love Creative Hands
Gray Agate with Mixed Vintage Chains // Long Chain Earrings with Amazonite Beads   Tumblr: Noble Town Vintage
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