My favorite picture from the royal wedding...killer shades.  (purchase them here)

Bon Weekend friends! And congratulations to me that my blog is back after it went missing on Thursday morning! That was super lame. I woke up to find that my email was closed due to suspicious activity - google had to send me a text with a ver code to get back in - but my blogs were gone too - wiped from the Internets without a trace! It was like some movie Matt Damon would be in. After going through a process outlined in the help forums I'm back - but, so not loving blogger anymore. Who do you use to host your blog? And what are you up to this weekend?

+  - owner, Diana, writes a {hilarious article} on efreeme over at You Are My Fave. I am a strong supporter of efreeme and have loved watching it grow over the past few months. have you thought of opening an online shop? This is where you should go - there are no service fees. YOU get the money. brilliant right?! i even have one!

+ Erased photographs.
I loved reading the memories under these, you can kind of imagine the photo..

+ iTrevor
Hilarious - this kid makes youtube videos of him dancing to music in apple'll love it

+ Photographer, Ai Weiwei, is detained in and disappears from China.
This is crazy. Here's a .

+ My new favorite shot by the Sartorialist
He is so dapper!

+ FB's 'send' button
FB created a little send button that will sit next to the 'like' button on sites..I like this idea!! I think this is especially important for bloggers - there have been so many times I've wanted to share an article but no social media buttons! sad :(

+ Prince Charles viral video
Prince Charles dancing with some youth back in the day- too funny =)

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