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Happy Friday and Easter Weekend, what are you up to? Our travel plans this w/e are a huge fail - we were meant to go to Amsterdam but the overnight trains were full because we waited too long to book them...oopsy! So, instead we'll avoid the easter crowds (huge plus), grill out with friends, visit Lausanne and maybe plan our next travels a bit better!

*This David Thorne email skit thing is one of the funniest things I've seen in awhile. 
I don't even know how to explain to you what it is, but it's funny.

* It Get's Better (a must see)
Is a video filmed by Apple employees that encourages kids who are being bullied, who are gay, transgender, etc - that it will get better. I wish everyone could see this!

* Fran Domínguez (a photographer)
His photos are with such's not about the girl really, "but a lifestyle" he says. Would be fun to have a feisty photo shoot with him!

*A Watch
Seriously considering this.

*Blog Tips
A list of 369 blog tips, tricks and resources. Did you find anything good?

* a lovely, little shop spring sale
15% off your order with the code LOVELYSPRING! (I'm waiting for this to arrive)

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