Say 'No' to typing extra words

I'm glad that so many of you are Team Anti-Word Verification with me! There was an overwhelming response to this post where I addressed it - so in case you want to be an anti-word verification ambassador, Diana (of Poppy Brew fame) created this prohibition-esque little button if you want it for your blog, isn't it a beauty?

So stand strong people! Think of what we can do with all that extra time, Right?! Give your readers back 15 seconds of their day! An accumulated 1 minute and 5 seconds per week and like...the total of an hour per blog in a year! Life is too short for Word Ver!

(This is all in good fun of course. Kind of. Obviously if google killed it I would be ecstatic)

What would you do with all those extra hours if everyone shut down word ver??

*We are still friends if you have it, I definitely understand if you've been spammed and are sick of it.

* Read Diana's post that highlights some specific things she could be doing. Word. 

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