Little Notebooks & Stationary (Ciaffi)


Say hellooo to the new sponsors on the block. Well, kind of! The seriously talented sisters, Mariana and Paula (of Branda fame) are back as a sponsor with another one of their successful Etsy stores, Ciaffi.
In this store they sell the CUTEST notebooks (and I don't use cute often, but these are!) and options for stationary to choose from.

Awhile back I bought these from Ciaffi and am still using them and loving them. (List makers unite!). With prices anywhere from $5-$25 - most anything you get is a steal, imo.

Maybe you want tiny envelopes and paper? I'd never send them because I'd just want to keep them and look at them :)

There is seriously the widest variety of options to choose from at Ciaffi. I am already planning out my next purchase...if you are addicted to notebooks like me, this is your goldmine, I promise :)

P.S. They are PERFECTION for carrying around in your purses. Perfection.

P.S.S. Mariana and Paula also have a blog, The4inOne, where they bring you Etsy delights every day :)