sunday funday

 Orange gauzy sunlight in the apartment - one of my favorite things. The other? That little brown dog (I swear he's happy but this picture makes me laugh).

Hope you guys had great weekends! Our happenings included a chili cook-off (very random) and a Fasnacht (carnival) party. Jen and I managed to throw a costume together in under 24 hours...which is impressive (for me) so stay tuned for pics ;)


+A pretty incredible Chianti Beef Stew that we've made twice in the past two weeks
+Howdy Heidi on Dirty Thursday in luzern
+Remember this sweater? It has been acquired and it turns out...I really don't have a problem with wearing it everyday.
+Remember this coat? I ran in to it the other day and it was very serendipity, so I bought it. And I want to write it more poetry every time I wear it. It's that good.
+Pretty sure these crystal stud earrings are magical.

P.S. I'm going to do a weekly newsletter...if you want to sign up! I think it will be a fun way to keep in touch on a different level. So far my plans for it are for it to be informative and fun, as opposed to a total waste of your email inbox space.