efreeme + Sunday Photo

So! I've opened up a photo shop on efreeme.com! I'm not sure how many people buy other peoples photography...but I thought it couldn't hurt to put it there, right? Do you have an experience with selling photos? (Shoutout to Amy for the encouragment :))

So, I chose efreeme because I've been working with Diana, the owner of efreeme, as a sponsor of this blog and she is wonderful. She is totally accessible and I've so enjoyed working with her over the past few months. Plus, her blog always makes me laugh. Always. 

I also chose efreeme over other major online markets because listing items on efreeme is totally free - they take no listing fees or percentages of your sales which is, of course, awesome and the wisest choice for my wallet!

Efreeme is still young but it's growing steadily and now hosts 300+ vintage and handmade shops.  They are still in the promotion phase so if you list over 20 items you will be paid $5 (which I did). Also, if you refer someone and they use your link and list over 20 items you will receive $5 that way as well. (here's my referral link if you decide to go for it!!). I think I'm going to enjoy watching it grow and change to accommodate its sellers and buyers - it's really interesting to be experiencing it from the beginning!

If you're curious to read more about Diana and efreeme you can read the introductory post and interview with her from a few months ago >here

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