Sarah & Noble Town Vintage - an Interview

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I'm sure I wouldn't be off the mark when I say that most people who see Sarah's Etsy shop, Noble Town Vintage, are drawn to the simple, earthy and vintage-modern creations. This Salt Lake City girls shop became one of my favorites at first sight and still impresses me as she adds new things here and there. 

Anyway, Sarah is a cool girl and I'd love to share this interesting interview...

1. 5 Things that make you happy?
1. Cooking. I'm vegetarian, have a major sweet tooth and love cooking and trying new foods and restaurants. I probably like talking about food just as much as eating it.
2. Podcasts. I save up This American Life, The Moth and, Uhh Yeah Dude among others for the days when I'm packing Etsy shop orders.
3. Gallery Stroll. The third Friday of every month everyone in Salt Lake City comes downtown. There's tons of places to go to see new art and hear music with free drinks all over.
4. My Sister, Brooke is the greatest. She's my motivator and business coach. She'll tell me the things that I need but don't want to hear and reminds me to celebrate the little things that I can overlook. I'm going to really miss having her so close when she moves to Maui this year. She's really everything you'd want in a sister and friend.
5. Word Games. I'm competitive when it comes to any game, uno to poker- you name it but I love word games. I could play them for hours on end if my boyfriend could handle it.
2. Your favorite creation in your shop? 
Vintage Brass Chain Draped Earrings
I love the tone of the thicker chain, it's warm and lovely and the earrings are simple enough to wear everyday but still feel different.
3. What is your inspiration that makes Noble Town Vintage what it is?
My inspiration for NTV has grown from pieces that I've collected and worn for years. A simple, modern style with a bit of a 70's vibe without feeling like you're playing dress up. I love draped chains and fringe, turquoise, and rough stones. I'm a hairdresser by day and have a thing for balance and geometry which finds its way into my jewelry as well. My inspiration is definitely growing, I've been taking a course in silversmithing from a 74 year old woman named Colleen, she's been teaching for 50 years and has been such a great resource to learn from. There will be lots of new additions to my shop in the coming months that will have the same vibe but still feel really modern and fresh.
And finally, Sarah shares some things around Etsy that she's had her eye on!

1. Vintage Laboratory Beakers: These are perfect little beakers that would look good anywhere around your house, especially with one of those tiny airplants at the bottom.

2. Leather & Canvas Pouch: I love the spacey tie dye print and the touch of leather at the bottom. The girl behind this has amazing style, the scarves she prints would stop you in the street.

3. Charcoal Soap: i've tried lots of different black charcoal soaps lately and I've loved them all. Deep cleaning but non drying can't ask for much more.

4. Vintage Turquoise Geometric Ring: I love this simple little ring. If I had a finger it would fit it would be mine, it's a steal so someone should snatch it up before I make some weird justification to.

Thanks so much, Sarah, for answering the questions and for these amazing Etsy finds!

P.S. If you are interested in more of Sarah, check out this video of Sarah's visit to Chicago for the Renegade Craft Fair a few months ago...