Recent Purchases

I've been really careful lately to only purchase things that I truly adore - that are timeless and that inspire me. If they are going to decorate me or my living space, I want them to be a reflection of my taste and aesthetic.  I'm just exhausted with waste and flash-in-the-pan fashions, you know?  It's harder with clothes because I'm lured by 'deals' and impetuousness - but I am giving it a good effort.

These little golden earrings are the first things that I purchased in 2011 and are a souvenir from a day trip to Strasbourg, France with my friend. I got them at the market in a city square and have worn them almost every day since, seriously. I'd say I've gotten my 9 euros from them? Then, a few days ago, I found this old looking champagne bucket from a thrift store in Luzern and rescued it from a shelf with all these weird looking containers - only 7chf! 
Have you found anything amazing lately?

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