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 And now, for some eye candy. 
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Isn't the photography of these necklaces gorgeous?? 

Meet a lovely, little shop as the newest sponsor to this blog. In the past days that I've been communicating back and forth with Chelsea I'm positive that I've met one of the sweetest and most down to earth of persons. And there's definitely something about her pretty necklaces that draws me to them.  I think she answers precisely why in the interview below as she discusses the drive behind her shop.  

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a lovely, little shop information:
And now some questions with Chelsea!

1. 5 things that make you h-a-p-p-y?

1. My family & friends. My parents, my twin sister, my two, older brothers, & our two cute cats (Duke & Gibby), make me very happy! My family & friends are so encouraging, creative, hilarious, and supportive; I don't know what I'd do without them.
2. I love shopping for bargains and thrifting for wonderful treasures!
3. I love watching films or going to the cinema with my boyfriend. We share a love for all types of film, so it is wonderful to have someone who has the same passion for film as I do. He is truly the best. 
4. I love, love, LOVE finding learning about new things in regards to making jewelry & finding the perfect component or piece to add to my bead collection, so that I may add it to my creations at my shop. Nothing is more exciting than finding that perfect piece that will simply make a necklace, bracelet, or ring while learning about its properties or history. Creating, in general, makes me very happy.  
5. It makes me happy to make my friends and family laugh at the silly things I say. I love to laugh and make others chuckle. 

2. Your pieces definitely have a certain feel to them, what is your inspiration?

 As a child, I was constantly collecting rocks and minerals and I wanted to be a geologist or study anthropology when I grew up. I was quite the rock hound as a small girl and my parents would take me on walks to search for arrowheads and pottery around our home. My parents are both creative individuals; my mother is an artist, while my father is an amazing craftsman, always building furniture, working with metal, and finding a use for everything. I grew up in a very rural location, my nearest neighbor was three or four miles away, so I spent a lot of time outdoors with my brothers and sister. We would be constantly climbing trees, digging through the ground and nearby streams in search of quartz and pyrite, and build tree forts. When I thought about what kind of jewelry I wanted to make, I thought back to those special moments during the crisp Autumn and balmy Summer months with my parents and siblings and decided to create pieces that would be nostalgic to me in regards to color, shape, and material, and perhaps they would connect with others as well. Natural elements, such as rocks, minerals, and wood are some of my favorite things to utilize in my collection, but I also love to mix vintage elements with modern pieces as well. I love the combination of wood and metal to create something modern or create an item that is light, airy, and delicate. 

3. What is your favorite piece in your shop?? 

Hmm....This is tough. I love everything I make and oddly enough, as someone that makes jewelry, I rarely wear anything I make. I know that's breaking a cardinal rule as a maker of things, but I enjoy creating rather than wearing what I make. Anyway, I'd have to say my favorite piece thus far is my Parallel Highway necklace. The tiny, aqua triangles were sourced from a seller on Etsy and I'm told that they are very old and very rare, so they are quite unique!
Thank you so much, Chelsea!